The Florida Lottery's top retailer is Publix; April winning cities, jackpots


There were many Florida Lottery winners in April, although the number of winners remains below February's total of 81.

The month's biggest winner woke up to find that a Florida lottery ticket purchased on April 10 was worth $11 million.

Is there a way to increase the odds of winning any of the Florida lottery games? Where are all the winning tickets sold? Are your chances higher if you allow the machine to choose your numbers? Does Publix really sell more winning tickets than any other retailer? And what about the city? does that count?

We tracked all the winners of the various draws – Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Jackpot Triple Play, Cash4Life and Fantasy 5 – in April to answer your questions.

How many Florida lottery winners were there in April 2024?

In April, there were 60 winners in the draws held between April 1 and 30, slightly more than the 57 winners in March and the 56 winners in January, but still significantly fewer than the 81 winners in February.

35 of all winning tickets sold during the month were Quick Pick tickets.

There were four days in April where there were no winners in any of the drawing games, with the exception of Cash Pop.

So far, February has been the only month in 2024 where there has been at least one winner every day.

Are more winning tickets sold at Publix?

Publix continued to sell more Florida Lottery winning tickets than any other retailer in April.

Here are the top retailers in April with at least two sales:

  • Publix: 26 winners
  • 7-Eleven: 7 winners
  • District K: 4 winners
  • Presidente Supermarket: 2 winners
  • Walmart: 2 winners

Publix has also been the top location every month so far: January (16), February (37) and March (25).

Which Florida city had the most lottery winners in April?

Here are the cities that sold the most lottery tickets in April – with at least two sales:

  • Miami, Miami Gardens, North Miami: 4
  • Port St Lucie: 4
  • Kissimmee: 2
  • Stuart: 2
  • Tampa: 2
  • West Palm Beach: 2
  • Coral sources: 2
  • Daytona Beach: 2

Miami, Miami Gardens and North Miami were the top locations to win tickets each month in 2024, but shared the lead with Port St. Lucie in April.

If you buy a lottery ticket at Publix in Miami or Port St. Lucie, do your chances of winning improve?

Three of the four winners in Port St. Lucie purchased their Fantasy 5 tickets at a Publix supermarket.

Only one of the four winning tickets sold in Miami was sold at a Publix.

Which Florida lottery game had the most winners in April?

Unsurprisingly, most of the winners played Fantasy 5. There were 47 winners in April.

26 of the Fantasy 5 winners chose the quick pick option, where the machine selected their numbers.

What other games had winners in April?

In addition to Fantasy 5, there were winners in these games:

  • Mega Millions: 4 winners (including 2 on the same day, April 23)
  • Cash4Life: 3 winners
  • Florida Lotto: 3 winners
  • Powerball: 2 winners
  • Jackpot Triple Play: 1 winner

What were the biggest jackpots won in April?

This month's big winner was the Florida lottery ticket sold April 10 at an FCE in Pompano Beach. It was worth $11 million.

  • Florida Lotto sold April 10 at FCE, Pompano Beach, quick pick: $11 million
  • Florida Lotto sold April 24 at Publix in Port Orange, quick pick: $2 million
  • Jackpot Triple Play was sold at the 7-Eleven in Redington Shores on April 23, quick pick: $2 million
  • Florida Lotto sold April 13 at Publix in Homestead, quick pick: $1 million
  • Mega Millions was sold at Publix in Coral Springs on April 5, quick pick: $1 million
  • Mega Millions sold April 23 at the Circle K in Kissimmee: $1 million
  • Mega Millions sold at Presidente Supermarket in Miami on April 23, quick pick: $1 million
  • Mega Millions sold at Publix in Sunrise on April 19, quick pick: $1 million
  • Powerball was sold at the Circle K in Oldsmar on April 6, quick pick: $1 million
  • Powerball was sold at Sedano's Supermarket in Orlando on April 1, quick pick: $1 million

There were also three Cash4Life winners in April, but all three tickets were sold outside of Florida.

What was the biggest Fantasy 5 jackpot in April?

The largest Fantasy 5 jackpot in April was the $147,101 jackpot sold on April 6 at the Los Hermanos Mini Market in Miami.

What was the smallest Fantasy 5 jackpot won in April?

The smallest Fantasy 5 jackpot this month was the $26,428 ticket sold at a Publix in Tampa on April 22.

How many Quick Pick tickets did you win in the April lottery drawing?

Thirty-five of all winning tickets sold during the month were quick picks, including the month's biggest winner: the $11 million Florida lottery ticket sold in Pompano Beach.

Other big Quick Pick Ticket winners in April included:

  • Florida Lotto, Publix: $2 million
  • Jackpot Triple Play, 7-Eleven: $2 million
  • Florida Lotto, Publix: $1 million
  • Mega Millions, Publix: $1 million
  • Mega Millions, President Supermarket: $1 million
  • Mega Millions, Publix: $1 million
  • Powerball, Circle K: $1 million
  • Powerball, Sedano's Supermarket: $1 million

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