What you should know about property appraisals in Texas

Homeowners will receive letters from county appraisal districts informing them of their market value and estimated home values ​​for 2024. This is data that determines how much property tax everyone pays.

However, these numbers are not final and any property owner has the right to appeal these numbers to an accounting review board. Here is a step-by-step formula to do this.

The assessment notices arrived in the mail on blue paper.

Compare last year's appraised value and market value to this year's numbers. This is your increase.

If you are under 65, it may make sense to file an objection to the valuation.

The idea is to lower assessed values, which could result in lower taxes.

There are several ways to win a free protest hearing.

View comparable property prices (you can get these for free from any real estate agent).

Use estimates and photos to show evidence of repairs that need to be made before the home can go on the market.

May 15th is the protest deadline. (It's May 24th in Tarrant County).

Make sure you have eligible exemptions – people over 65 and people with disabilities are eligible.

You can hire a property tax professional or do it yourself.

If you lose and still want to fight, you can seek binding arbitration.

New! If you have a second property that does not fall under the homestead exemption (e.g. rental units or a weekend home), there is now a 20% cap on the annual assessment increase.

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