Florida real estate agent finds 'spooky' underground room hidden behind iron door

A real estate agent in Gainesville, Florida has shared the unexpected discovery she found beneath the floors of a seemingly ordinary home.

While filming a routine property preview video, Jessica Law opened what looked like a closet door – only to find a hidden basement.

“I was filming a preview video for a buyer and opened the door to what I thought was a closet,” Law said Newsweek. “The property description just said 'and a cellar,' but I didn't expect it to be a bedroom at the back of the house or to have an iron cage door.”

Pictures from Gainesville real estate agent Jessica Law's TikTok that have people amazed.


In the video, Law opens the large iron door and reveals a steep staircase. She explained that basements are not common in Florida, which added to her confusion. Taking the camera downstairs revealed that the basement was fitted with carpet and a dehumidifier, suggesting it had been used by the previous owners. She added the hashtags #creepy and #scarystory alongside the video.

The house, which was inherited a few years earlier, was most recently used as a rental property. For this reason, no one knew for what purpose the basement room was built and what it was previously used for.

In hundreds of comments on the viral video, people shared their reactions to the unusual discovery, ranging from interest to horror.

TikToker Lick Log Acres said: “Just a storm shelter. Look at the side of the door handle.”

While viewer Beccia23 wasn't impressed at all: “That's a big NO for me! I saw that true crime episode.”

Others suspected that the basement was actually a panic room after seeing the lock inside.

“Some call this a basement, others call it a dungeon,” said smileybet.

After finding the basement room, Law decided to post it online in case others were interested. “That was one of those that I thought people might be interested in seeing the weird things we sometimes see in real estate,” she said.

This is far from the first time a real estate agent has made an unusual find in a home. Caroline Holman recently shared a discovery that made people cry. Holman said Newsweek she “just melted” when she found it.

Earlier this year, a homeowner also made a shocking revelation. Jill Bearup thought she knew every square inch of her new home, but when she found a trapdoor and lifted it up, she was unprepared for what lay beneath.