Danger! Don't get caught enjoying these illegal beers

They say forbidden fruits taste the sweetest, and while that may be true, the consequences can be costly.

Strong beer isn't worth a crime, is it?

Just kidding – we're not here to tolerate bad behavior. You should never break the law for fun, it's an absolutely terrible idea.

However, if you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or someone who tends to binge on the strongest drink they can find, you should be careful – especially with your beer.

Idaho and California each have their own laws regarding how much alcohol can be allowed in the beer they sell, and they couldn't be more different.

We found two beers that would be considered illegal under California law and five more that would be illegal under Idaho law.

Could you stand to drink California's illegal beers?

Under California law, the sale or possession of beverages containing more than 60% alcohol by volume is illegal and offenders are punished with a misdemeanor. So we took on the challenge to see if we could find beers that exceeded this legal limit – here's what we found…

Brewmeister Snake Venom liqueur beer, 330 ml

Billed as “the strongest beer in the world,” Snake Venom has a lot going for it 67.5% alcohol by volume which exceeds California's legal limit of 60%. The beer is said to have a “sweet, nutty aroma, a fruity taste and a fiery, intense finish”.

It is recommended to take it in small sips (you think?!)

It can be purchased on Amazon, but at your own risk… and in case anyone asks, we didn't tell you to buy everything.

“Armageddon” by Brewmeister, 330 ml

Brewmeister is at it again, this time with its “Armageddon” beer, which has a whopping 65% alcohol by volume. According to, this beer has “bold flavors of caramel, toffee and a strong alcohol kick that will warm you on even the coldest nights.”

We couldn't find a usable photo of the beer, but you can check out the beer profile here.

What about Idaho?

Not to be outdone by California, Idaho has its fair share of illegal beers. However, in the state of Idaho, beer cannot have an alcohol content of more than 16%. According to Idaho law:

Beer containing not more than sixteen percent (16%) alcohol by volume may be manufactured, imported and/or sold and distributed or possessed in this State and in the manner and under the conditions prescribed by this Act and not otherwise .

Which beers have so much? We're glad you asked…

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