Donald Trump plans to roll out Arizona immigration law nationwide

Opinion: Trump told Time magazine that his plan for the largest deportation operation ever in the United States includes the deployment of the National Guard, the military and local police.


People in Fountain Hills horrified by the possibility of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio being elected mayor in November may have nothing to worry about.

The next Donald Trump administration — should there be one — could have a high-profile post for the 91-year-old former lawyer, who was convicted of criminal contempt of court and pardoned by Trump in 2017.

Time magazine this week published an interview with Trump in which he said that as part of his plan to restart the grotesque Eisenhower-era “Operation Wetback,” the largest mass deportation of undocumented workers in United States history The local police would be called upon to round up and deport people suspected of being in the country illegally.

Trump told Time that he would deploy the National Guard and the military, adding, “We're going to deploy the local police because the local police know them by their name, their first name, their middle name, and their third name.” I mean , they know her very well.”

Arpaio's immigration campaigns cost Arizona

Arizona has already tried that. We have the scars to prove it, with the state's infamous “Show Me Your Papers” Senate Bill 1070.

Following this atrocity, the legislature passed a bill that was signed by then-Gov. Jan Brewer, Arpaio used deputies to conduct immigration and traffic stops that ultimately led to lawsuits that have cost Maricopa County taxpayers $250 million to date.

The courts found that Arpaio's office's policies and practices violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Kari Lake is: Arizona's new Joe Arpaio

Not that it stopped Arpaio from continuing the raids in violation of a court order. Which led to his conviction for criminal contempt. Which led to the Trump pardon.

And what could lead to – Hey, why not? – for a BIG role in the next Trump administration.

Trump would “convince” local police to join in

Deportation czar or something like that, a job that would require someone like Arpaio, someone knowledgeable about public policy based on disregard for the law.

Trump is that kind of guy. In the Time interview, for example, Trump dismissed the fact that it is illegal to use military force against civilians.

“Well, these aren’t civilians,” Trump said. “These are people who are not legally in our country.”

And when reminded that a president has no authority over local law enforcement, Trump indicated he would encourage cooperation over the purse strings.

“There's a chance some won't want to participate,” Trump said, “and they won't share in the riches.”

Putting all of this together, it occurs to me that Arpaio's future position, should he be offered one, might not have the word “Tsar” in the title.

Trump will have already accepted this.

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