Texas ranks in the top 10 states expected to be most financially impacted by weather events

Texas — home to tornadoes and hurricanes — is in the top 10 of a new report that ranks states by the impact of weather-related events.

SmartAsset's new report considered a variety of data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine which states face the greatest financial risk from various weather events. The report ranked states by total expected annual financial losses per person. Texas ranked 10th.

“With a variety of environmental events affecting large portions of the United States, each state faces its own risks,” the report said. “In particular, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, landslides, lightning and droughts, and other events can cause damage to buildings, agriculture, and individuals alike. When insuring, residents and business owners in every state should consider historical and projected losses due to environmental events in their financial plans.”

In Texas, the total expected annual loss per person is estimated at $283.15. The report broke down each weather event as follows:

  • Coastal flooding: $1.49
  • Drought: $3.48
  • Earthquake: $1.71
  • Heatwave: $8.16
  • Hurricane: $89.22
  • River Flood: $66.05
  • Strong Wind: $5.37
  • Tornado: $71.04
  • Wildfire: $8.26
  • Winter Weather: $1.96

Louisiana was No. 1 on the list at $555.55 per person. The state with the lowest expected loss per person from weather events was Ohio, with an estimated loss of just $63.89 per person.


This article originally appeared on EnergyCapital.

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