May is National Bicycle Safety Month –

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) – May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and as many Idahoans enjoy the weather on their two-wheelers, AAA reminds drivers and cyclists to work together to promote safety.

“Cyclists occupy a much smaller footprint on the roadways than a passenger car or heavy truck, and motorists must be extremely vigilant to see and protect them,” said AAA Idaho Public Affairs Director Matthew Conde. “This time of year brings a seasonal increase in recreational cycling, and by actively scanning the road and providing some good old-fashioned Gem State courtesies, everyone can share the road and stay safe.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 1,100 cyclist fatalities nationwide in 2022, with more than 46,000 cyclists injured. In a separate NHTSA study, most cyclist fatalities (62%) occurred in non-intersection locations, and 85% of deaths occurred in urban areas.

“The American vehicle fleet continues to move toward larger, heavier vehicles with taller grilles, and unfortunately when an accident occurs, the point of contact with the cyclist is much more likely to be in the upper body – the head and neck area,” Condé said. “Following the speed limit gives drivers more time to react and ensures the best chance of slowing down to reduce impact speeds that would otherwise have devastating or even fatal consequences.”

Drivers are also urged to exercise extra caution at dawn and dusk and on weekends, when there are likely to be many cyclists on the road.

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