NBC Launches Select Deals for Exclusive Offers and Discounts – NBC New York

NBC's local stations, including this station, today launched a new franchise designed to help you improve every area of ​​your life, from your wellness routine to the technology and gadgets you rely on every day are.

NBC Select Deals helps you find the products you need, from fashion to beauty, kitchen to tech, home to hobbies, kids, pets and more.

Our team of experts will find offers for everything you need in your daily life, without the intervention of our sales team or external third parties. Our product selection is based on in-depth reporting and research that includes interviewing experts in the field, tracking shopping trends, and demystifying jargon and marketing language.

For today's launch, you'll find deals on sunglasses (61% off), scented candles (32% off), earbuds (83% off), and more.

Every month NBC Select Deals brings you new offers with great discounts. We will highlight these products on our news and lifestyle shows, as well as on the NBC Select Deals website. You can also find great deals from The Kelly Clarkson Show, TODAY Steals & Deals and more on this site.


As an editorial team, we independently select deals on products based on research, reports and what we believe would benefit NBC Select Deals readers.

We have affiliate relationships with retailers that directly correlate our interests with reader interests: if you click on a link to purchase an NBC Select Deals product, we will receive a commission if you purchase something through that link. All products are final sale items and we do not accept returns or exchanges of products. If your item does not arrive or is damaged upon arrival, we will work with the brand to arrange a refund or replacement.

Items are sold by retailers, not NBC Select Deals. Prices and availability are correct at the time of publication.

Editorial management

Our affiliate relationships have no influence on editorial direction or decisions regarding presentation of specific products. Instead, we decide which products to feature based solely on what we think readers are interested in or what our research and reporting supports.

Our goal is to bring our NBC audience the best the market has to offer.

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