Orlando goalkeeper arrested for nightclub brawl: Will he be charged?

An Orlando City player and his wife were taken into custody following an altercation at an Orlando nightclub, according to Orlando police.

Tatiana Stajduhar and Mason Stajduhar, both 26, were at the center of an incident at Tier Nightclub in Orlando. There was an altercation between the couple and security guards at the venue. Mason attempted to re-enter the nightclub while aggressively resisting security.

Employees said the Stajduhars hurled obscenities at the bouncers and were generally rude to employees. “They looked like they were drunk,” the bouncer said.

The club manager also stated that the couple was rude and caused a mess at the entrance. Tier Nightclub bouncers then took Mason Stajduhar into custody. When Orlando police officers arrived at the scene, they handcuffed him. Meanwhile, he said he tried to get back inside after the bouncers at Tier attacked his wife.

Mason Stajduhar admitted it was his mistake to act against the security officers, police confirmed. However, he justified this by saying that he was defending his partner.

What led to the arrest of Orlando City goalkeeper Mason Stajduhar?

“While on the ground, Mason stated that the Tier nightclub bouncers had beaten his wife, so he pushed past the officers and attempted to re-enter the club. “Mason had admitted his guilt in resisting security officers and only wanted to make sure his wife was safe,” it continued.

It was also said that Tatiana shouted obscenities at the police as they arrested her husband. She reportedly grabbed his hand and pushed an officer aside. According to the complaint, she also shouted profanities at an officer and aggressively resisted her arrest.

Due to their own activities, the police arrested Tatiana Stajduhar. She resisted arrest the entire time. Officers transported Mason and Tatiana Stajduhar to the Orange County Booking and Release Center following their arrest.

Are you facing charges?

The arrest document states that Tatiana Stajduhar will not be charged with resisting an officer with violence or assaulting a police officer. However, both could face disorderly conduct charges for violating the law.

“Tatiana and Mason had disrupted the normal course of business of Tier Nightclub through their actions with nightclub staff and officers, which resulted in a fight as they were both arguing with nightclub staff,” the affidavit continues.

An Orlando City representative informed FOX 35 of the goalkeeper's detention. “The club is aware that goalkeeper Mason Stajduhar was arrested early on Sunday morning. We are currently gathering more information and will have no further comment at this time.”

Stajduhar became a Homegrown player for Orlando City Soccer Club in 2016. His last bench appearance came last Saturday at the Inter&Co Stadium when the club lost 2-1 to Toronto.


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