It's time for a Matthew from Arizona to finally take on the Toronto Maple Leafs

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had all the talent in the world for years. The organization has certainly had some tough times, but it's hard to find a team that's busier than it has been in the last five to six years. But for one reason or another, they simply couldn't achieve the level of success commensurate with that level of talent.

Maybe they are soft. Maybe their best players disappear in the playoffs when they are needed most. Whatever the case, this team has only won one playoff series in the last 20 years. Last night in Boston they once again came close to losing in the first round.

But with his back against the wall and clinging to what remained of his life, it was Arizona's Matthew who rose to the occasion and kept the Leafs' season going.

Matthew Knies. Just a good ol' boy who grew up playing youth hockey for the Phoenix Jr. Coyotes. The Toronto Maple Leafs found their savior in the desert when he scored this rebound to send the series into game six.

Now I have to imagine that what kept Auston Matthews out of the game last night was more than just an illness. We'll find out what his actual injury is once the Leafs season comes to an end and all the injury reports finally come to light. But going into this game last night in Boston without Auston Matthews in the lineup, you think that's all she has written for the Leafs. Just another dismal failure of a season that ended in the first round for Toronto. But Matthew Knies plays the game with heart. He plays the game with Jam. He plays the game with everything Toronto has been missing. The boy is all piss and vinegar.

Toronto could have a certified guy here. Or they could easily gain momentum in Game 6 and that would just delay the inevitable. Either … or.

Side note: I will be so disappointed if I find out this guy ever wears anything other than Leafs memorabilia.


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