The tester's godson says he has changed and is no longer the same man he was 25 years ago

Jon Tester has changed. He's not the same man he was 25 years ago. He hasn't seen his own godson in six or seven years.

That was a story Donald Trump Jr. told over the weekend in Missoula, Montana. Trump is endorsing Navy SEAL veteran and Republican Senate candidate Tim Sheehy over Tester. He shared the story with permission.

I first discovered this story at The Daily Wire

According to a transcript I obtained of Donald Trump Jr.'s speech, he received permission from Josh Smith to share the story. Smith is the owner of the renowned Montana Knife Company. (I actually met him down in Vegas at UFC 300 along with Navy SEAL and podcaster Andy Stumpf – photo below)

Donald Trump, Jr.: “Because the problem is essentially that 25 years ago he was the meat cutter. That's what he did and that's who he was. And you know, he did these things. And he's a school teacher, he says. And then he went to DC and everything changed. I guess the number one meat cutter in all of Washington. That doesn't strike me as a humble schoolteacher saying “Cutter from Montana would be the top recipient of lobbyist money.”

By the way, the NRSC is on the market with a new ad torching tester.

Montana crew at UFC 300 in Las Vegas with Anthem Snacks

A crew of Montanans were there to attend UFC 300 alongside Anthem Snacks, the official jerky of the UFC. We were also able to take a look at the facility at the UFC Performance Institute. (This reporting was provided to us thanks to Fusion Fight League in Montana. Thanks also to Willie's Distillery, Tatanka Cigars and Knockout Lifestyle.)

Gallery photo credit: Aaron Flint

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