The ANC of Illinois will host commemorative events throughout the 24th week of April

ANC of Illinois demonstration and flag raising event at Richard J. Daley Plaza in Chicago

The Armenian National Committee of Illinois (ANC-IL) hosted and organized several events commemorating the Armenian Genocide, highlighting its ongoing efforts in support of the Armenian cause.

The week began on April 20 when the ANC-IL held a successful fundraiser at Demetri's Restaurant in Deerfield, Illinois. The event, sponsored by Vatche and Maral Keuftedjian and supporting ANC-IL's ongoing advocacy efforts, brought together a dedicated community of 36 supporters and activists.

Led by moderator Mike Demirjian, the evening featured insightful speeches from distinguished speakers. Ani Apresyan shared her insights gained from participating in the ANCA Rising Leaders program in Washington, DC, emphasizing the importance of youth engagement in advancing the Armenian agenda. ANCA National Chairman Raffi Hamparian delivered a poignant address highlighting the importance of sustained activism and commitment in seeking justice for the Armenian people. Additionally, Ken Hachikian, Chair of the Armenian Legal Center for Justice and Human Rights, provided invaluable insight into the legal dimensions of the Armenian cause.

Through their generous contributions and unwavering support, participants reaffirmed their commitment to ANC-IL's mission. Funds raised will directly support ANC-IL's activities and enable the organization to continue its important work fighting for the rights and dignity of Armenians worldwide.

More than 300 people attended the Armenian Genocide Commemoration at the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church in Glenview, Illinois on April 21, 2024

The next day, April 21, the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church in Glenview, Illinois served as the setting for a memorial service honoring the legacy of the Armenian Genocide.

Organized by the ANC-IL, this meeting was marked by solemn remembrance and passionate advocacy, bringing together a diverse community united in their commitment to the Armenian cause. The event attracted more than 300 participants and highlighted the deep significance of the genocide in the collective memory of the Armenian people.

Led by moderator Maral Abrahamian, a member of the ANCA Eastern Region Board, the event began with a rousing ceremony by the Homenetmen Scouts, who proudly presented the flags and recited both the American and Armenian national anthems, reflecting the unity and resilience of Armenians symbolized diaspora.

High-profile speakers highlighted the significance of the occasion and offered in-depth insights into the ongoing pursuit of justice for the Armenian cause. ANCA National Grassroots Director Gev Iskajyan shared his experiences and perspectives gained through years of dedicated service to the Armenian community, including his influential tenure as executive director of ANC Artsakh. ANCA National Chairman Hamparian delivered a powerful address reaffirming the Armenian Diaspora's commitment to recognizing and reparing the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Additionally, ARF Chicago Chairman Hagop Soulakian Christapor Gomideh reflected on community engagement and advocacy.

Raising the flags at the ANC-IL demonstration on April 24 in Chicago

The week's events concluded on Wednesday, April 24, when Chicago's Armenian community gathered at Richard J. Daley Plaza to solemnly commemorate the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and raise awareness of Azerbaijan's recent atrocities against To sharpen Armenians in Artsakh.

The flag raising rally and ceremony organized by the ANC-IL began with the leadership of Armen Alexanian and the generous support of Dr Community. Speakers, including Areni Artinian of the Chicago “Ararat” AYF Chapter, Ken Hachikian of the Chicago Christapor ARF and Anoush Bargamian of the ANC-IL, delivered impassioned speeches highlighting the ongoing plight of the Armenian people and the urgent need for international recognition and justice.

Religious leaders at the April 24 memorial service at Richard J. Daley Plaza in Chicago

The event was graced by the presence of religious leaders including Fr. Samuel, Fr. Tavit, Fr symbolized community.

After a solemn prayer, participants sang the Armenian national anthem together, a powerful expression of solidarity and remembrance. The rally lasted until the end of the event and served as a platform for advocacy, education and remembrance.

ANC of Illinois memorial service at Richard J. Daley Plaza in Chicago

The Armenian National Committee of Illinois deeply thanks all participants, supporters and sponsors for their unwavering commitment to the Armenian cause and all of the week's events. Together we are united in our pursuit of justice, recognition and remembrance.

For more information about ANC-IL and upcoming events, visit or email [email protected].

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