List of the best beach spots in New Jersey

New Jersey is featured on a list of the best beach spots on the East Coast published by a major travel magazine.

It will come as no surprise to most New Jersey residents that one of our amazing beach towns made this prestigious list.

A beautiful beach town in New Jersey made the list

The list was published by one of the world's most respected travel publications, Conde Nast Travel.

Only 14 beach towns made the list, and our own Cape May is one of them. This report is one in a long series of lists that also include the legendary Victorian beach town of New Jersey.

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Cape May is an oft-awarded city, and rightly so. It is a summer destination for travelers from other parts of our state as well as visitors from around the world.

Cape May was named along with some of America's most beautiful beach towns

Any time a great Jersey Shore town is on the same list as great places like Siesta Key, Florida, and Nags Head, North Carolina, you know you're in good company.

The list was not presented in any particular numerical order, so there is no actual No. 1 city on the list, but one could certainly argue that Cape May would be a great candidate for that spot.

Cape May gets so much good publicity because there is something for everyone. There's great shopping, fantastic restaurants, a beautiful beach and boardwalk, and the most beautiful Victorian homes in the country.

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