Let's all celebrate a North Dakota legend

I have a friend here in Bismarck who has been telling me about this man for over a year

Her name is Imabelle Kraft. She and her husband Travis and the entire Kraft family are celebrating a wonderful day today – 1st of May. His name is Art Kraft and this man is incredible. Yes, he was born 100 years ago today – May 1, 1924. I would like to share some really beautiful words that his granddaughter Imabelle sent me:

“Grandpa Al”

Grandpa Al was born May 1, 1924 and grew up in Strasburg, ND. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. He loves ice fishing and hunting. At 99, he killed a deer with a headshot from 250 yards. The deer stood head-on and looked straight at him and immediately dropped down. Personally, I think this is truly a #NDLegendary hunting milestone.

Grandpa Al was a well-respected custom home builder in Bismarck, Mandan and surrounding towns in North Dakota. He also built East 40 Restaurant, now known as 40 Steak + Seafood. I admire his brilliance, ingenuity, dedication and the hard work he puts into all his projects.

The wonderful stories that Grandpa Al told me about his childhood, family and friends in Strasbourg encouraged me to learn about the history and culture of his ancestors – the Germans from Russia. Their perseverance and resilience in the early 20th century is truly inspiring. They make me appreciate how easy and convenient life is in this modern world. I can't even imagine living in the dirty thirties.

Grandpa's father, Pius, emigrated to the USA in 1906. Grandpa Al holds his father in high regard, who was a successful businessman and a very respected leader in the community. He talks lovingly about his favorite German-Russian dishes that his mother Agatha and his wife Adeline used to cook, such as Rivel soup, Blachinda, Knoephla, Borscht soup and the like.

Now I will speak for myself and many, many others…

…Thank you sir for your service – have a wonderful day with your loved ones – happy 100th birthday!

Imabelle Kraft

Imabelle Kraft

Imabelle Kraft

Imabelle Kraft

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