INL researchers work to remove and transform waste to help environment and military –

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – Pizza is such a popular food that research shows about 43 million people eat at least one slice of it every day. Unfortunately, fats and oils prevent cardboard pizza boxes from being recycled.
Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory are looking for ways to remove these pollutants, and the results can help both the environment and our military.

By using special machines and a strong solvent, oils and grease can be removed, although they cannot normally be removed completely. This makes things like pizza boxes and peanut butter jars recyclable. Through a special process, some waste can be converted into macronutrients for soldiers.

“What they're doing is producing something that's similar to a Vegemite… something that's a microbial slurry. It's a paste,” said Dr. Jeffrey Lacey, principal investigator of the DARPA project. “It probably won't be good, but it will be edible.”

Since getting more rations to soldiers can often be difficult and dangerous, they must be as resourceful as possible. If soldiers can be sent out with light equipment to turn waste into something edible, they can mix it into their rations to pass the time.

More information about this research can be found HERE.

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