Pro-Palestine protesters hold a subdued rally at Utah State University in Logan

About 60 to 70 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at the Utah State University Quad to demonstrate against the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The much more low-key protest was organized on Wednesday to draw attention to the pro-Palestine movement.

Unlike rallies elsewhere in the United States, the group in Logan engaged in a much more subdued demonstration.

The group released an itinerary that included educational events, art projects, the reading of the names of people who have lost their lives and a march around the Quad.

Protesters brought blankets to sit on while listening to the various speakers.

Several of those gathered held signs reading “Liberate Palestine: Demand a ceasefire now” and “No more forever wars.”

Another sign read: “Israel tells us what is happening. Gaza shows us. Free Palestine.”

In contrast to the low-key event, one sign read “From River to Sea,” which the Anti-Defamation League said essentially called for the elimination of Israel and the dismantling of the Jewish state.

KUTV asked organizer Chris Carpenter what protesters wanted from their protest.

“What we want from this protest today is a sense of community — a sense of showing that we care about Palestinian Utahns,” Carpenter said. “We want people to be heard and recognized.”

Carpenter said the group wants to educate Utahns about the history of disputes between Israel, Palestine and Hamas.

They wanted their demonstration to be peaceful. KUTV asked if the group condemned the violence at other universities across the country.

“I can’t speak for every county across the country or for every specific student body – they make their specific decision about how they want to engage with those specific universities. “What we want here today is a peaceful demonstration,” Carpenter said.

KUTV asked about the group's feelings for the Israelis killed in the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023.

“In this particular demonstration, we condemn any kind of anti-Semitism or Islamophobia,” Carpenter said. “In any case, there is a lot of tragedy there. Of course we want everyone to be safe.”

Carpenter said the group is calling for a ceasefire and an end to the bombing of civilians.

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