Joe Biden's critic is withdrawing as the Democratic candidate for the 2024 congressional election in Utah

Brian Adams was nominated Saturday, but only because he pledged to withdraw and let the Utah Democratic Party choose a new candidate for this year's 2nd Congressional District race.

(Vanessa Hudson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Democrats met Saturday for their annual state nominating convention to select party candidates for the November election. As promised, Brian Adams has officially withdrawn from the election for Utah's 2nd Congressional District.

As promised, Brian Adams, the Democratic candidate in Utah's 2nd Congressional District, has officially withdrawn from the race after suffering backlash from delegates over his criticism of President Joe Biden and his defense of some participants in the Jan. 6 riots angered the US Capitol.

Adams was the only Democratic candidate to file to run in the 2nd District, and the party confirmed his nomination at Saturday's convention based on Adams' promise that he would withdraw to allow the party's executive board to vote could choose a replacement for him in November.

The party has not set a formal time frame for selecting a new candidate, but the central committee could meet later this month or in early June, according to Thom DeSirant, the party's executive director. Whoever is elected will face the winner of the Republican primary between incumbent Rep. Celeste Maloy and Colby Jenkins, who prevailed at the GOP convention with the support of Sen. Mike Lee.

In previous years, political parties could only replace a candidate who had died or was physically or mentally unable to run. The law was changed last year to give parties leeway in the event a candidate decides to withdraw.

Adams had drawn the ire of Democratic groups for criticizing Biden for failing to secure the border, supporting third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s stance on Russia and saying that those who died on Jan. 6 who protested nonviolently in the US Capitol, saying they had done so and were “politically persecuted”. On Monday, he filed paperwork to officially withdraw from the race.

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