Harvard, get ready for future mental health counselor Emily Goldstein

Portrait of Emily Goldstein. Photo courtesy of Emily Goldstein.

Ever since Emily Goldstein toured the University of Miami, she knew she would spread her love of mental health across campus. In her four years at UM, she has been involved in organizations such as Counseling Outreach Peer Education, Miami Motion Dance Team, Delta Delta Delta and several others.

Her extensive resume has led her to recently decide to pursue a master's degree in human development and education at Harvard University, with plans to become a mental health counselor in the future.

“This is exactly where you need to be,” said Goldstein, a senior studying psychology and community and applied psychology.

She lives by this motto in every aspect of her life. As chair of COPE and vice president of the Miami Motion Dance Team, she believes she is always one step closer to her goal.

Goldstein has taken advantage of many leadership opportunities at UM, growing from an introverted student to an influential student leader and role model.

When she's not preparing for Harvard, she's on campus coordinating outreach events for COPE, such as Love Your Body Day and the Clothesline Project. You can also see her dancing at the Miami Motion Dance Team's annual showcase or at a social gathering with Delta Delta Delta.

Goldstein initially came to UM as a psychology major, but later switched to community and applied psychology studies and psychology, where she found mentors who helped her grow personally and professionally.

“This major has really begun to change the way I see the world and the impact it has on individuals,” Goldstein said. “It really helped me question my privilege and prejudices.”

Mental health has always been a passion for Goldstein. In her second year, she joined COPE, a group of mental health peer educators on campus, hoping to make a difference for the student body.

“I really wanted to fully engage and help destigmatize these issues,” Goldstein said. “Helping even one person makes a difference.”

Before her senior year, Goldstein applied to join COPE's E-board. To her surprise, she was given the position of Outgoing Chair, which really helped her develop her leadership skills.

“Leading COPE has really helped me understand my own vision and share it with others,” Goldstein said. “I further explored my love for COPE and all I could do for UM.”

COPE has provided Goldstein with countless memorable opportunities, but the one she is most proud of is speaking to the U.S. Surgeon General about mental health and loneliness among students.

“Being in a position representing COPE made me so proud of myself and my colleagues. “I’ll never forget that,” Goldstein said.

Another accomplishment that makes her proud is being named to the Dean's List and Honor Roll, but she is aware that she isn't just taking pieces of paper from UM with her when she leaves.

“When I receive these awards, I feel like my efforts are being recognized, but I will certainly remember the other little things, the people I met and everything that influenced me,” said Goldstein. “As great as the awards are, they aren’t everything.”

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