Mitt Romney says he's not a dog murderer, unlike South Dakota's Noem

Mitt Romney says he resents being compared to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem after she bragged about killing a dog because of its annoying behavior.

The former Republican presidential standard-bearer insisted he did nothing nearly as cruel as Noem did by strapping a dog to the roof of his car, a much-derided episode from his 2012 White House campaign.

“I didn’t shoot my dog,” Romney told HuffPost on Tuesday. “I loved my dog ​​and my dog ​​loved me.”

He called Noem's story about shooting and killing the pooch “a story of carnage.”

Noem, a right-wing Republican hardliner who was once believed to be on former President Trump's running mate, drew scathing criticism from across the political spectrum with her bizarre account in a memoir published last week .

Apparently hoping to burnish her tough lady image, Noem recounted a 20-year-old episode in which she said she killed the dog, named Cricket, because he didn't hunt properly and exhibited other problematic behaviors.

“I hated that dog,” Noem wrote, adding that he was “beyond worthless.” She also killed a goat, which she mocked as smelly and disgusting.

Romney's own canine debacle occurred in 1983, when, as a young father, he packed the family Chevrolet station wagon for a summer trip from Boston to Canada's Atlantic coast.

With no room inside for pointer Seamus, Romney attached a dog carrier to the roof rack and built a makeshift shield to protect him from the elements.

The story was told by Romney's son during his Republican presidential campaign to humanize the candidate, who is fighting the notion that he is rich and aloof.

But it backfired when political rivals pounced on the damaging claim that Romney strapped the pooch to the roof of the car.

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