These are the abortion hotspots in Florida. Here's why women get them

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has released its report detailing how many abortions have been performed on residents of each county in the state so far this year.

Abortion has become a controversial issue in recent decades. Proponents say it is about women's bodily autonomy, while opponents claim it is a form of infanticide.

In total, the reports said nearly 15,000 abortions had been performed in the state as of April 1, with the vast majority being elective abortions, meaning abortions.

State officials said non-medically necessary abortions — including abortions for voluntary, social or emotional reasons — accounted for over 97% of cases.

By contrast, less than 0.6% of abortions in Florida this year were for reasons such as incest, rape, fatal fetal anomalies or a threat to the mother's life, the report shows.

Additionally, the FAHCA reports that around 13,000 abortions were performed in the first trimester, but over 1,500 were performed in the second.

The total number of abortions by reason and trimester as of April 1 is as follows:

Reason In total 1st trimester 2nd trimester
Elective subject 10,774 9,733 1,041
Social/economic reasons 3,187 2,865 322
Mother's emotional/mental health 370 336 34
Physical health of the mother (not life-threatening) 228 197 31
Life-threatening physical condition 34 19 15
Serious genetic defect, deformity or abnormality of the fetus 88 41 47
incest 1 1 0
Rape 25 22 3
Victims of human trafficking 0 0 0
Fatal fetal anomaly 28 0 27
IN TOTAL 14,735 13,214 1,520

Starting this year, Florida law bans elective abortions after six weeks (roughly midway through the first trimester), thanks to a law passed in 2023 called the Heartbeat Protection Act.

According to the CDC, an unborn child's central nervous system and heart can develop as early as the third week of pregnancy, which is likely the reason for the law's title.

The state Supreme Court upheld a 15-year ban, allowing the six-week ban to take effect on May 1, with some exceptions.

Supporters say the legislation will protect many unborn children from being killed. Meanwhile, critics claim the shortened time frame will leave many women unable to have an abortion before they even realize they are pregnant.

According to the report, Miami-Dade and Broward counties were the two that performed the most abortions. However, over 1,300 women came to Florida from outside the state to obtain an abortion.

The total number of abortions performed per county is as follows:

district Number of abortions
Alachua 151
bay 56
Brevard 236
Broward 1,898
Charlotte 40
Citrus fruits 36
volume 70
Collier 154
Columbia 28
Miami-Dade 3,028
Duval 602
Escambia 63
Flagler 37
Gadsden 29
Hendry 25
Hernando 61
Highlands 37
Hillsborough 1,294
Indian river 74
lake 163
lee 370
Leon 216
Manatee 190
Marion 152
Martin 57
Okaloosa 53
Okeechobee 23
Orange 930
Osceola 193
Palm beach 963
Pasco 230
Pinellas 516
Polk 426
Putnam 28
Saint John 62
Saint Lucie 189
Santa pink 24
Sarasota 109
Seminole 192
Volusia 208
Walton 21
Not in the country 1,316

*Counties with a total of 20 or fewer are included in the statewide total but are not shown in the individual county numbers.

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