Lifestyle blog claims Maine lobster rolls are overrated

Every summer, people flock to Maine for a variety of reasons. These reasons could be the comfort of the coast, the vast areas of wilderness, or just enjoying the great restaurants throughout the state.

But with so many visitors flocking to Maine each year, some of them will inevitably remain unimpressed. Maybe the place didn't live up to their expectations, the crowds were bigger than they expected, or the food just wasn't right. You can't always please everyone.



So when you hear that something is overrated in Maine, it's best to listen to the reasons and come to your own conclusion. And don't you know that lifestyle blog Cheapism has found that the lobster roll is the most overrated food item in the entire Northeast region?

Some of what Cheapism says about lobster rolls isn't entirely wrong. The Miser claims that lobster rolls can be found literally everywhere when visiting Maine in the summer, from fast food chains to upscale restaurants. That much is true.

Google Street View

Google Street View

But it's also hard to imagine visiting other states where a particular food item is trademarked and not finding it on restaurant menus everywhere. It's just a given.

Cheapism had another clear complaint: lobster rolls were overpriced, even though the quality didn't match the extra cost. This statement also has some validity. But not all burgers, fries or salads are created equal. The same goes for lobster rolls.

This isn't the first time the lobster roll has been called overrated. A well-known food critic in New York thought the lobster roll was completely overrated nearly a decade ago. This food critic wrote, “Even good lobster rolls are always a disappointment.”

Are Maine lobster rolls overrated? Perhaps. But Maine seafood shouldn’t be. It's elite and totally worth the price.

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