Discover the free-living peacocks of small town Texas

There's something special about living in a small rural town in Texas. There is usually a strong sense of community, neighbors help each other and you can usually find something strange and unique that makes the city very special. For some reason, peacocks seem to be attracted to small rural towns in Texas.

The Peacocks of Nordheim, Texas

I recently came across a video on YouTube that purports to be footage of spooky and forgotten cities. The cities were neither scary nor forgotten. They are just small rural towns with fewer than 500 inhabitants. The only thing scary in a city like this is the outsider driving around with a camera and filming things.

Joe & Nic's Road Trip via YouTube

Joe & Nic's Road Trip via YouTube

Nordheim was featured in the video and it reminded me a lot of the town I grew up in. There is not much going on. There is no traffic. The busiest place in town is a bar and grill with three trucks parked outside. After driving through city traffic on the way to work this morning, this sounds heavenly. However, there was one thing that stood out to me. The two peacocks hang out in a garden.

In the video, two peacocks can be seen hanging out in front of what appears to be an abandoned house. She doesn't mind at all that the vehicle pulls up to take a look. Where do you come from? Why are they hanging out in Nordheim? Are they pets or just random peacocks that were passing through and decided to settle there?

Kevin the Peacock; The unofficial mascot of Canyon, Texas

At the other end of Texas is Canyon. The city is home to West Texas A&M University and offers plenty of small-town charm. Walk onto the square and you'll swear you fell down a hole and ended up in an episode of Gilmore Girls. I always enjoyed hanging out in Canyon. The same probably applies to Kevin too.

Kevin is the self-proclaimed world-famous peacock who makes his home in Canyon, Texas. He even has his own social media presence and people are constantly sharing photos and videos of Kevin hanging out in the driveway, walking down the street, or taking a break on a porch somewhere.

What fascinates peacocks about small towns in Texas? Is it the slower lifestyle compared to the big city? Maybe it's the lack of a zoo. No zoo means you can't confine the peacock anywhere, and they can run around in peace and scare dogs. Whatever the reason, rural Texans love their peacocks, and it seems their peacocks love them too.

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