2024 Ohio Football Transfer Portal Tracker

Ohio went 10-3 overall last season, but it wasn't enough for the Bobcats to reach the MAC Championship. Still, they ended the season with a 41-21 victory over Georgia Southern in the Myrtle Beach Bowl.

The Bobcats will try to remain competitive in the MAC despite losing star players like quarterback Kurtis Rourke and running back Sieh Bangura, both of whom are headed to Power Five programs. But the Bobcats have added some transfers who could still be key contributors in 2024.

Here's a look at the players who transferred to Ohio and left the team via the transfer portal this offseason, according to 247 Sports. This list consists only of players who have announced their new teams and does not include players still in the transfer portal.


Ohio Transfer Tracker

Surname Old team New team Pos.
Rayyan Buell Ohio buffalo DL
Anthony Tyus III Northwest Ohio RB
Will Kacmarek Ohio Ohio St. TE
Tigana Cisse Idaho Ohio OIL
Kurt Danneker Ohio Baylor OIL
Tyler Foster Ohio Oklahoma St. TE
Colby Garfield E. Carolina Ohio L.S
Keye Thompson Ohio Pitt LB
Jacob Proche Carolina Coast Ohio DB
Jacob Lewis Minnesota Ohio K
Gunnar Gundy Okla. St. Ohio QB
Beau Blankenship Marshall Ohio TE
Kurtis Rourke Ohio Indiana QB
CJ Doggette Cincinnati Ohio DL
See Bangura Ohio Minnesota RB
Tyler Walton Ohio E. Michigan WR
Miles Cross Ohio Indiana WR
Coleman Owen N. Arizona Ohio WR
Dustin Johnson N. Colorado Ohio DB
Blake Leake Bucknell Ohio LB
Trent Allen Davenport Ohio OIL
Jake Bruno Saint Francis Ohio TE
Ben McNaboe N. Dakota Ohio DL
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