Statement from Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs on the Senate's vote to repeal the 1864 total ban on abortion

Phoenix, AZ, May 1, 2024 – Governor Katie Hobbs released the following statement after the Arizona Senate voted to repeal the 1864 total ban on abortion:

“Today I am pleased that the Senate heeded my call and voted to repeal Arizona’s 1864 total abortion ban, and I look forward to quickly signing the repeal into law. This total abortion ban would have jailed doctors, threatened the lives of women in our state, and stripped millions of Arizonans of their bodily autonomy. The devastating consequences of this outdated ban are why I have been calling for its repeal since day one of my term in office. Thank you to the Democratic members of the House and Senate who worked tirelessly with me to repeal this draconian law.

“I will never stop fighting to protect reproductive freedom. Arizona women shouldn't have to live in a state where politicians make decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor. While this repeal is critical to protecting women's lives, it is just the beginning of our fight to protect reproductive health care in Arizona. I will continue to call on lawmakers to pass the Arizona Right to Contraception Act and protect IVF from continued attacks. And I encourage every Arizonan to make their voices heard this November when abortion rights are on the ballot.”

Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton and Senator Anna Hernandez introduced bills in their respective chambers to repeal the 1864 total ban on abortion.

“As I celebrate the community’s work to achieve this repeal and my Democratic colleagues for their continued unity and commitment to good leadership in Arizona, our fight for a better shared future is just beginning.” said Senator Anna Hernandez, who introduced Senate Bill 1734. “The Republican leadership in Arizona has shown that they are unwavering in their desire to strip us of our rights, our votes and our voice. Our state has lived under a persistent lack of accountability and transparency for far too long – the fight for abortion rights has simply shone a bright light on how corrupt they have truly become. Democrats are committed to protecting the right of all Arizonans to decide their future.”

“This was a historic and momentous vote, and I am proud to have supported the bill to repeal the 1864 total ban on abortion. But I am more relieved for the people of Arizona whose lives and private medical decisions will not be subject to this brutal and outdated law.” said Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, who introduced House Bill 2677. “Make no mistake, the 15-week ban is still a ban, and we have important work to do to fully restore reproductive freedom in Arizona, but this repeal was the right thing to do and will save lives.”

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