We thank all first responders in the Illinois Valley, Bureau County – Shaw Local

First responder Pat Stier: Thank you for your long-standing commitment to Sheffield Rescue! Congratulations on your retirement at the end of this year! Irreplaceable woman! Allison Foster

First responder Sara Rokey: We at Greenfield Retirement Home in Princeton appreciate all of the officers Sara Rokey and Lucy who keep Princeton safe! We are especially excited to see both of them come to Greenfield and visit our seniors! Thank you very much! Christine Thompson

All first responders: Thank you for the hero who stepped forward to save me when my life was in danger. No words can express my gratitude to you. Thank you very much, I will learn from you in the future and pass on your spirit. Sam A Fournier

First responder Roussely: Thank you for your help. Sal Mora

First aider BUECOMM: Thank you for really being the first on site. Thank you for always answering the phones and calling the right department in any emergency. Amanda Mancilla

Madison Hart: We've never met, but I know your name. I have never seen your face, but you are ready to donate everything for me. We thank you for your kindness and your contribution to our lives. Spitz Heffel

Zach Schuetz: Thank you, Zach, for being so willing to give your time and effort to risk everything to save someone else's life. You wanted to be a firefighter ever since you were a little boy!! Very proud of you. Bernice Schütz

Sharon Weborg: Thank you for your selfless and tireless service to others!!! We all love you!! Catherine Allicks

Stephanie Lighty: Thank you all. Harold Corbett

Christy Michael: Christy is a 10-33 paramedic and is also going to school to get her paramedic certification. While Christy's grandfather, uncle and father were all firefighters with the Malden Fire Department, Christy chose a different path as a first responder. Christy is very compassionate towards her patients and is always willing to take charge of the situation. 10-33 is very lucky to have her. Deanna Michael

First responders All rescue workers: Hello! First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. During my most difficult time, you gave me and my family endless care and warmth. I am very grateful for your expertise and your selfless commitment, be it in the hospital, in the ambulance or on the emergency services. At this point I would like to express my most sincere thanks and respect to you. Juan S. Cruz

First responder Richard M Newport: I'm happy to be there. Richard Newport

First responder Deb Wood: Thank you to the woman who helps keep ALL EMS systems trained and compliant in this area! You have been a real asset to EMS for many years! Jan pistol

First aider Tobilevic: How many patients thanked first responders? Some people may be forever, others may never be. Others beat her. So where is gratitude? The best way is to increase citizens' civic consciousness and respect those who have given their lives for others, whether they are volunteers or professionals. Even a simple “thank you” can save lives. Sue Torres

Marc Cain: My brother-in-law Marc Cain has been with the Princeton Fire Department as an EMT and Buecom for as long as I can remember. He had spent endless hours serving others. He has always been considerate of the needs of others and undertakes these tasks with the utmost integrity and confidentiality. He genuinely cares about the people and the city of Princeton. Jody Bates

First responder Marc Cain: Thank you for your commitment to keeping our community safe. You inspire us all every day! Katie Bates

First responder Jason Ruff: Thank you for your service and willingness to help others in need. You really do have a heart of gold. Kari Richardson

First responder Marc Cain: For everything you do behind the emergency call center to keep our community safe. Thank you very much.. Laura Can

First responder Mellen Lin: It is your strong sense of responsibility and justice, as well as your hard work and wisdom, that ensures that the community is safe and peaceful and people have happy homes. Todo LaNur

First responder John Wilson: Selfless devotion, dedicated angels in white. John Wilson

First responder Josie Wales: You're doing a great job! Tammie Karpinski

First responder Sara Rokey: Sara, you were my hero the morning you walked into our house. I had an inkling that my emergency call had been canceled. They called and got the help my husband needed. I felt so helpless and you gave me hope. Your kindness and encouraging words got us through a devastating situation! I am forever grateful to you. Thank you Sara, thank you very much!!! Steve Johnson

First responder Adam Lind: Thank you, Adam, for all you do for the residents of Bureau County. They are always prepared or preparing for any emergency! We can feel safe and secure knowing that you are the EMA Director for Bureau County. Walter Marini

First responder Asta O: Global military and veterans, first responders, frontline healthcare providers, police, firefighters, emergency response teams and other first responders, as well as essential service providers such as teachers, transportation workers, supply chain and retail workers during the epidemic They have still lived up to their mission. All cultures and nations have heroes: those who give their lives for more people and forget to die or even sacrifice. We should remember these heroes because they not only stepped forward in times of danger, but also remained vigilant at all times. Each and every one of these heroes deserves our attention, our gratitude and our respect. If you are one of them – thank you for your courage and sacrifice. Asta O

First responder: It is an honor to participate and may God bless you. Thank you very much. Josh John

First aider: It must be a special fate that brought us together, even if only for a short time. Melvin C Robin

First Responder Edward M. Richards: Thank you for your service. – All

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