Flash receives $5.8 million grant from the California Energy Commission for the Electric Vehicle Charger Innovation Lab in Oakland

The California Energy Commission (CEC) and Flash, a pioneer in parking and charging solutions, today announced that Flash has received a $5.8 million grant from the CEC for a large-scale electric vehicle charger demonstration project ( EV) in Oakland, California. The first-of-its-kind project will deploy at least 446 low-cost Level 2 electric vehicle chargers in convenient, densely populated and highly visible installations in a 1.5-mile area around downtown Oakland over two years.

With $24 million in funding from California's Clean Transportation ProgramThe goal of the CEC grant to Flash and other awardees is to demonstrate repeatable and scalable business and technology models for deploying Level 2 charging infrastructure and to increase public awareness of and confidence in Level 2 charging access. The project also includes the installation of two battery storage systems, which will help ensure the affordability of electric vehicle chargers during times of high energy demand.

Bay Area residents' early commitment to the transition to electric vehicles puts this community in a unique position to serve as an “innovation laboratory” for electrification projects in California and across the countrysaid Matt McCafree, vice president of utility market development at Flash. “This collaboration with CEC will not only demonstrate what is possible in high-density smart cities like Oakland, but also prevent the charging gap for early adopters from becoming a trust gap for the next wave.”

Bay Area Introduction of electric vehicles is still three times higher than the national average. By installing reliable, affordable and convenient public chargers lightning and the CEC aim to close the charging gap and encourage further adoption of electric vehicles – particularly among inner-city residents, for whom reliable public charging stations, rather than home chargers, are a prerequisite for ownership. The success of the project would establish high-quality public charging stations as a standard among practical, convenient and environmentally friendly solutions.Smart cities” the future.

“For residents in city centers where home charging is not an option, reliable and convenient public charging is key to further EV adoption.” said Patty Monahan, CEC Senior Commissioner for Transportation. “The CEC looks forward to Flash deploying hundreds of Level 2 chargers throughout downtown Oakland to be a model for successful public charging.”

The project is also generated invaluable data on battery capacities, operating costs, reproducible prices and emergency procedures, as well as insights to stimulate demand and increase return on investment. This information can then be used to expand and improve deployment in Oakland and support electrification efforts throughout California and beyond.

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