The goal is to make Ohio a leader in economic development in the Midwest


  • Lieutenant Governor John Husted visits Wooster and Berlin
  • Husted shares his goals and personal story
  • Local leaders support Husted

BERLIN – Lieutenant Governor John Husted made several stops in Wayne and Holmes counties on Tuesday, visited the Ohio State University ATI campus in Wooster and enjoyed a lunch break at the Homestead Restaurant in Berlin.

Husted, who is running for governor, told a group of supporters in Holmes County that he hopes to build on the success the state has seen under Gov. Mike DeWine's leadership.

“We need leadership to see things through. We need leadership that understands how to get things done,” he said. “When I am governor, I strive to ensure that by the end of my term, Ohio will be the undisputed leader in the Midwest when it comes to economic development and opportunity.”

“I consider myself co-captain of the Ohio team,” Husted said. “I care about what happens to anyone in this state. When something good happens, I'm proud of it, and when something bad happens, I'm sad. I just want to see good things happen to our state.”

Husted said Ohio has the most private sector jobs in the state's history, with the unemployment rate below 4% for 16 straight months. He sees Ohio as the economic powerhouse of the Midwest.

“It's amazing what happened. We have landed some of the largest economic development projects in our history with Intel,” he said. “We are once again the heart of it all. Ohio is where we make the things people need to live and thrive.”

He said people from all over the world come to Ohio for things like cars, computers and health care innovations. This is Ohio and he is proud to be a part of it.

Husted credits Republican leadership in the 1990s with reforming the workers' compensation system, court systems, tax system and the creation of JobsOhio, as well as the statewide turnaround that has consistently made Ohio one of the top states in the country.

“You can change things. We did it,” he said.

Character development based on life experiences

“As we get older, we don’t always appreciate what defines our character,” Husted said. “Looking back on your life experiences gives you the opportunity to see why you believe what you believe. For me, it started pretty early in my life because I was adopted. I grew up in rural northwest Ohio with hard-working parents who adopted great values, going to church every Sunday and spending time together with family.

“The basic things you learn as a child, working hard, telling the truth, being honest, that shapes your life,” he continued. “I played football, basketball, baseball and ran track in high school while playing football in college. That shaped me. I became a competitor.”

Husted recalled that when he went to the University of Dayton to study, the factory where his father, relatives and most people in his small town worked closed and they all lost their jobs.

“These experiences have shaped me. That’s why economic development is so important to me,” he said. “That’s why the development and training of the workforce is important to me. Give someone a good education and create a good economy and they can solve most of the problems they might have.”

“It also has to be connected to the foundation of values, which for me included hard work, personal responsibility, family, faith, freedom and patriotism,” Husted continued. “Maybe there are other things that are important, but I think when it comes down to it, you find the things that are important to you in your life, like your family, your faith and your community. These things are super important.”

Local leadership supports Husted

Holmes County Republican Chairman Rob Hovis said Ohio's future leadership is strong and conservative, and he believes Husted is that man.

“We need leadership that sees things through. I hope he becomes our next governor and succeeds Governor DeWine as the leader of our state,” Hovis said. “John Husted is one of those candidates who only comes around every now and then. I always had the impression with John Husted that his word was his promise.”

“He has a taproot that is deeply rooted in principles,” he continued. “I admire that, and that’s the type of person I want to vote for as governor of Ohio.”

Husted spent most of his adult life in the Dayton area, working for the Chamber of Commerce and businesses in Dayton and Montgomery County.

He served in the House of Representatives, the Senate and as Secretary of State before being elected Lieutenant Governor.

Holmes County Commissioner Joe Miller praised the work Husted has done during his tenure.

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