Social media is reacting to the Georgia pitchers' viral dugout video

Baseball players have always tried to find an edge on the diamond with corked bats in order to place foreign objects on the fingers of the pitch. During the Texas A&M vs. Georgia game last weekend, an interesting video surfaced online and went viral. While warming up in the bullpen, Christian Mracna, the Bulldog pitcher, was captured on video hunched over in the corner, apparently fiddling with his glove.

There's nothing wrong with that because he could have sneaked in a few people or just zoned out in his private space. However, as more and more video came out during his time on the mound, some strange actions occurred that really made one wonder if he had something on his glove. After each foul ball, he would touch a specific spot on his glove before the next throw. Did it change the game? I have no idea since the Aggies were outscoring the entire game anyway, but any advantage is still an advantage.

It became so viral that Texas A&M head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle addressed it shortly after the game.

β€œIt certainly looks that way,” Schlossnagle said in a text to The Associated Press on Tuesday. “It's part of the game…I wish we had caught it.”

So far, Georgia and the SEC have declined to comment and Mracna was unavailable after the game. Any foreign substance is banned, but not catching him in the act doesn't really mean much for the Aggies right now. So in the long run, A&M still won the series, beating another top-25 team in the process and clinching the title as the current No. 1 team, and they can prepare to face LSU starting May 3rd .

You can check out some of the reactions to the viral video below.

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