Why do prosecutors say the Idaho murder suspect's alibi is inadequate?

Disclaimer: The article contains references to murder. Reader discretion is advised.

In December 2022, police filed charges Bryan Kohberger for the brutal murders of four University of Idaho students. His legal team believes Kohberger is innocent and noted in a court filing that they have an alibi. However, the prosecution team responded to the court filing mentioned above and said this The alibi is inadequate because of the lack of required specificity.

Citing court documents, People Magazine reported that Bryan Kohberger and his lawyers determined that the suspect in the Idaho murders was nowhere near the home where the victims were brutally killed. The file also mentioned that Kohberger left Moscow on the night of the murders. The file read: “Mr. Kohberger was out in the early hours of November 13, 2022; as he often did, to walk and run and/or see the moon and stars.”

In response, prosecutors determined that the alibi did not meet the “required specificity” of Idaho law. People Magazine mentioned that the defense team should state where the defendant was said to have been during the alleged crime. The defense would have to provide names and addresses of witnesses they could use to support their alibi. Additionally, prosecutors said recent court filings did not contain any new information.

The prosecution also accused the defense of taking a long time to provide an alibi. Citing the prosecution, People Magazine noted, “The defendant was given more time than he was legally entitled to provide his alibi.” They also asked the court “not to provide any further opportunity to amend the alleged alibi claim.”

According to Newsweek, Bryan Kohberger is currently in the Latah County Jail.

Bryan Kohberger's murder case is solved

In November 2022, authorities discovered the bodies of four University of Idaho students in their off-campus home in Moscow, Idaho. Investigators then determined that the murderer had used a sharp-edged weapon such as a knife to carry out the killing. Nearly a month after the murders, police arrested Bryan Kohberger for the murders in Idaho. CBS News reported that authorities have charged him with four counts of murder and first-degree burglary.

Citing investigators, CBS News noted that authorities relied on forensic evidence to identify Kohberger as the main suspect. During his court appearance, Kohberger remained silent when the judge asked him if he was pleading guilty to the charges. As a result, the judge entered a “not guilty” plea on the defendant’s behalf, according to CBS News. After his court appearance, authorities announced the results of the DNA report.

The report said investigators found a “near exact match to DNA found on a knife sheath” at the crime scene. Although the defense requested more information and postponed the trial, the judge denied their request. Subsequently, CBS News indicated that the trial would begin in October 2023. However, Bryan Kohberger decided against a speedy trial and waived his right to it. As a result, the court postponed the hearing. At the time, Kohberger's lawyer said she would not prepare for the trial until October.

No trial date in the Kohberger case

Bryan Kohberger has to provide an alibi for murders in Idaho

Prosecutors have already announced they will seek the death penalty for Bryan Kohberger. The New York Times reported that the case met the criteria for the death penalty. In addition, the victims' families are satisfied that the prosecutor's office imposes the above-mentioned punishment. Citing their statements, The New York Times noted, “There is no one more deserving than the defendant in this case.”

There is currently no information as to when the trial will begin. According to the Idaho Statesman, the court wanted the trial to begin in March 2025. However, the defense noted that it would not be ready by then and asked the court to start the trial by June 2025.

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