The Mayor of Marlborough is seeking interns for summer 2024

MARLBOROUGH, MA – Marlborough is now accepting applications from area college-age students looking to gain experience in local government. The city's annual internship program covers various areas, from public health to urban planning.

Here's more from a press release from Marlborough:

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Marlborough Mayor J. Christian Dumais announced the first year of the Mayor's Summer Internship Program on Wednesday.

The goal of the program is to provide graduate students with a unique opportunity to gain practical, real-world experience in a local government environment. Participants worked 25 hours per week in a city department alongside a department manager or employee between June and August. The program is open to college-aged individuals who have recently graduated from high school, are currently in college, are working, or are taking a gap year.

Participants have the opportunity to select several areas that may interest them, including: public administration, public housing, finance, engineering/urban planning, economic development, public health, social services, information technology, environment and conservation, construction/construction/enforcement Regulations, Public Works, Human Resources, Legal, Election Management/City Records, or Communications.

“I am excited to not only continue this program, but to expand it even further from the past. Previously, this program was only open to those enrolled at a university. The world and the world of work are changing and we welcome every college-aged individual to join us and realize what a rewarding career they can make and build in local government. We now have employees working for the city who started out as interns. That is the goal of this program and I hope that anyone interested will apply to participate,” said Dumais.

The application period begins on Wednesday, May 1st and ends on Tuesday, May 28th. Participants will receive the current Massachusetts minimum wage of $15 per hour. Anyone interested in applying can find the application online here: If you have questions about the program, applicants can contact the Mayor’s Office at (508) 460-3770.

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