America's favorite teacher may be from Western New York

Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner and a teacher from Western New York is in the running for the title of “America's Favorite Teacher.”

Teachers are absolute saints. What would we know without them? Probably a lot less. Without my first grade teacher, Ms. Wright, I would never have been able to read! I was the last one in my class to study, but she spent the time with me and I am forever grateful to her for doing so.

Teachers enable lifelong learning for their students, encourage creativity, have patience with students' different learning speeds, and help many students discover their passions – and embrace them!

A teacher from Western New York is doing just that, and she's Chrissy Gibbins from Eden, NY.

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Miss Gibbins has been an art educator for 14 years and her favorite part of teaching is “learning who my student artists are to the core.”

“The opportunity to witness the connections they make with their artwork, their developmental level, their social-emotional state and the support they receive in managing their emotions with daily life is so rewarding,” Gibbins said.

One of the most memorable experiences of her teaching career was a few months ago with a former student artist with whom she spent a lot of time. In addition to teaching her in elementary and middle school, Miss Gibbins also helped her after school with the Art Club, summer art camps, and private art classes. A few months ago, the same student contacted Miss Gibbins and sent her this message:

“Ms Gibbins, you are the reason I am graduating and having the opportunity to choose where I want to study art from among the top ten art universities/colleges in the US and outside the US. You are the reason I could do this with confidence!”

Only the best teachers can leave such a lasting impact, which is why Miss Gibbins is nominated for the America's Favorite Teacher award.

The winning teacher will receive $25,000, which would definitely help teachers like Miss Gibbins who struggle with limited budgets and resources. Gibbins said that if she won the $25,000, she would “redesign both my art room and my home art studio to reflect what I believe best encourages creativity and beautiful results.”

“I would equip them [the students] with high-quality art supplies, fun colors, and organized storage like I've always wanted!” said Gibbins.

You can help Miss Gibbins achieve this goal by voting her America's Favorite Teacher by clicking here. Voting for this round ends on Thursday evening. So use your daily voice until then.

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