NM, Don't Follow Texas' Disastrous Immigration Policies: Letters to the Editor

NM should not follow Texas’ disastrous immigration policies

In his recent editorial, New Mexico State Rep. Rod Montoya called on New Mexico to take “bold action” on immigration and advocate for policies that would set New Mexico back and harm both long-term residents and newcomers.Rep. Montoya tries to recreate the horrific border disaster in Texas. This lawless debacle is costing Texans billions, causing state police to collapse with reckless disregard for public safety or human well-being, and resulting in more migrant deaths at our border. It is perverse to view these dead immigrants, people seeking safety and a better life, as a worthy public goal. Likewise, restricting access to driver's licenses will not stop our undocumented neighbors from driving. This prevents them from purchasing insurance, making driving more expensive and unsafe. This is ineffective and wasteful. Instead of taking Rep. Montoya's hateful approach, we are better off promoting immigrant integration and strengthening the dignity and humanity of everyone in our state. New Mexico should support initiatives like the Dignity, Not Detention Act that move us closer to that goal.

We should remember that it is not just the law of the United States to welcome people and allow them to seek asylum; it is human. Immigrants are a cornerstone of New Mexico's vibrant culture and economy. Now is the time to lead the country with policies that welcome newcomers and not follow the many missteps of disastrous Texas policies.

Zoe Bowman

Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stop complaining and do something

Too many of us spend a lot of time pointing out the problems with our government, but have no time at all to do anything about them. In many ways, not taking action is an act. This action says, “I am satisfied.” If that is not true and you are not satisfied, then what are you going to do about it?

Here are a few things you can do:

Stand up and be counted. Post about your beliefs on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Write to your congressman. An assistant to an assistant will read it and perhaps pass along your thoughts to a congressman.

Write a letter to the newspaper editor. (Politicians read these letters.)

Give your candidate money. This will put you on a mailing list, often with updates on your representative's activities.

Research the candidates before you vote and vote for your candidate even if no one else is voting for them.

Sign or create a petition.

Find and join like-minded organizations (Common Cause, Fair Vote, League of Women Voters, US Term Limits,, All on the,, Free Speech for People, Brennan Center for Justice). , Equal Citizens, Combating Disinformation, etc.).

Stop complaining and do something. You can make a difference.

Robert Vines

Horizon City

Anna Harden

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