Company Secretary/Treasurer charged with 14 violations of South Carolina tax laws

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South Carolina Department of Revenue officers arrested a York woman on April 30 and charged her with 14 tax crimes.

The charges against Joretta Anderson, 57, include one count of breach of trust; six counts of failure to collect, account and pay a tax; and seven counts of tax evasion, according to a press release from the Treasury Department.

Anderson was secretary-treasurer of a company in York County, but the Department of Revenue did not name the company. In her role, Anderson was responsible for managing the company's bank accounts, controlling daily financial transactions, issuing paychecks to employees and filing corporate tax returns, according to arrest warrants.

From 2015 to 2021, the warrants say Anderson failed to report more than $1 million in employee wages and remit to the SCDOR approximately $49,434 in South Carolina income tax withheld from employee wages. She also issued W-2s, including to herself, that allowed employees to claim refunds for taxes not paid to the state, the release said.

In addition, the Treasury Department said Anderson used her access to her company's bank account to divert more than $169,000 to her personal bank account, of which approximately $96,838 was never returned to or used on behalf of the company . Anderson failed to report this money and other undisclosed sources of income on her individual state income tax returns.

From 2015 to 2021, the warrants say Anderson failed to report more than $200,000 in additional income on individual tax returns, resulting in the evasion of approximately $16,982 in South Carolina income taxes.

If convicted, Anderson faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of $10,000 plus costs of prosecution for each count of tax evasion and failure to pay withholding taxes, and up to ten years in prison or a fine at the discretion of the court for breach of trust . She was being held at the York County Detention Center earlier this week awaiting a bond hearing.

The Treasury Department encourages anyone who knows or suspects that a person or business is committing a federal tax crime to file a tax return Tax violation complaint form (pdf). [email protected] or mail it to the South Carolina Department of Revenue Fraud Adviser, 2070 Northbrook Blvd., Suite B7, North Charleston, SC 29406.


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