Meeting with legendary Texas A&M and NFL OL Richmond Webb

Texas A&M legend and former All-Pro offensive lineman Richmond Webb was in Detroit last weekend to represent the Dolphins in the 2024 NFL Draft. TexAgs Radio caught up with Webb Thursday morning as Miami fans continue to advocate for him enshrined in Canton.

Key notes from the interview with Richmond Webb

  • Being at the draft last week was like being back in the locker room. Every time you see people who were in the league with you, it brings back the brotherhood. The ironic thing was that I saw Bobby Taylor and his son attended Texas A&M. I met Elk Muhammad IIIHe is also a father and a little younger than me. We were in the league at the same time. I told him that his son was a great player. There were some Aggie connections. I even joked with Barry Sanders about how his Oklahoma State Cowboys beat us up last year.
  • I saw De'Von AchaneSuccess is imminent. My only concern was that he was a track and field athlete and needed to lose weight to compete in track and field. He gained even more weight. I think he will take off and become a weapon for the Dolphins again. I don't think the team was surprised that he had success.
  • I have the NFL Sunday Ticket to see the Dolphins. I usually tweet back and forth with Dolphin fans. I stay connected and I think that's why I got the invite to the NFL Draft this year.
  • We had a great time in Detroit. I didn't see Dan Campbell or Aaron Glenn, but I was really impressed with what he did last year. They're building something and they love him in Detroit.
  • I follow the Texans because I live in Houston. I was part of the Texans ambassador program for 10 years. I was lucky to be a part of it. Because I was an Aggie, I was able to get in the door with the Texans. I love everything they do with DeMeco Ryans, CJ Stroud and everything. They build it in the right year. Every time the soccer team in your city does good, everyone feels good. I hope the Texans do well except when they play the Dolphins.
  • You don't have the opportunity to see many people every day. Bobby Taylor lives in Houston. I saw Troy Vincent and he works for the league office. I saw TJ Houshmandzadeh, who was a rookie in Cincinnati at the end of my career. Mentally you can still walk, but physically you can't. Still, it's always great to share stories. I had a great time at the NFL Draft. It's always great to get together with people who played when you played.
  • I know my resume speaks for itself, so I'll never be the guy to get mad or advocate for the Hall of Fame myself. It always feels good when people stick up for you, and the Dolphins fan base makes that great. Sometimes it takes a while. Some guys come in quicker than others. I'll just wait and see how it turns out, but I definitely think I have the resume to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It would be the highest honor and I would be grateful if it worked out. I think I have a good chance.
  • My first experience with Texas A&M was at an FCA camp. I spent a week down here. RC Slocum recruited the Dallas area. Jackie Sherrill was the head coach. Me and Aaron Wallace graduated the same year. My experience at A&M and my visit were great. Johnny Holland and Steve Bullitt were our hosts and there were first class people to show us around. I got a good feel for the people I met on our recruiting visit. Slocum had a good reputation at my high school and it was a perfect fit. Everything worked out. It was perfect and I couldn't have made a better choice. Next week my daughter is graduating from A&M with her undergraduate studies. She is a second generation Aggie and I am happy about that. God is good!
  • Part of my health was that I was truly blessed. I completed a good college program. Sherrill had great coaches. At first I was on the defensive with Slocum, but then switched to the offensive. Slocum became head coach my senior year. In the NFL, I was under the tutelage of Don Shula. I was drafted by the Dolphins and got a call telling me to go after Dan Marino, who was playing under Sherrill in Pittsburgh. I had great trainers and great strength coaches. I was lucky and worked hard. I thank God for the opportunity. I had great teammates and wouldn't trade that for the world.
  • Marino doesn't age at all. He makes me laugh in this Lays commercial along with Emmitt Smith, Randy Moss and a few others. He had his glasses on. He never ages. I got to spend some time with him last year. He could still go out and throw it.
  • Who could afford to get Marino today? It could be crazy. I remember Johnny Manziel when he won the Heisman at A&M. He took A&M to a national level. He had an incredible college career. If you reach this level, the NIL could be crazy. Back when Marino was at Pitt, they threw the ball, but most people ran it. Most teams went downhill. He fell back and hurled it. As long as he could throw the football, he would be happy.
  • I didn't have a chance to meet Mike Elko, but I've heard nothing but good things. Since his arrival he has restored order. He addressed many of A&M's needs in the transfer portal. I don't expect a drop-off. We also signed good high school prospects, so you have a mix of young talent and experience. I'm very impressed and think we're in good hands. I'm looking forward to the 2024 football season.
  • The last few years have been tough to watch. There are people who have the caliber to play better and two or three games changed the outcome of the entire season. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. When you know we have the guys who can win these games and they haven't done it, it's frustrating. There's a new sheriff in Down. Excitement for the A&M-Texas game is growing again. Good times will come again for A&M football, and I think the fans will be much happier this year than before.
  • Conner Weigman has one arm. The two boys who support him can also play. It's a rarity to have people like that. I saw the Texas Bowl when Jaylen Henderson was injured and Marcel Reed Seeing him play the way he did showed me that we're in good shape at the quarterback position. Weigman can score points with Collin Klein's offense. Weigman could be in the Heisman race. He needs to stay healthy, but he has shown he can perform in big games.

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