The sudden death of a pastor's wife shocks coastal South Carolina

The suspected suicide of the wife of a prominent Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, pastor — and the bizarre manner in which it was announced to members of her church — has sparked a flood of speculation and concern along the Palmetto State's coast.

According to the obituary, 30 years old Mica Acacia Miller of Myrtle Beach passed away last Saturday (April 27, 2024) in Lumberton, North Carolina. Miller, originally from Wichita, Kansas, was married to him John Paul Miller – Pastor of the Solid Rock at Market Common Church in Myrtle Beach, SC

In her obituary, written by her husband, she was described as “energetic, affirming, adventurous, faithful, loving, generous, forgiving, talented, joyful, creative, assertive, courageous, determined, authoritarian, passionate, hardworking, risk-taker” and so much more. “

The tribute also detailed Miller's relationship with her husband…portraying her as his most ardent admirer and someone who “helped him in every way at the church.”

“She truly served Jesus and her husband with all her heart,” it says. “She praised her husband after every service and told him he was the best preacher in the world (even though that wasn't true). She also told him he was the funniest preacher in the world (although that wasn’t true either).”

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Mica Miller (Facebook)

But did this idyllic depiction correspond to reality?

That's a question that friends and family members of the late pastor's wife asked themselves after her death – and that

John-Paul Miller publicly announced the death of his wife last Sunday (April 28, 2024) at the end of his sermon.

“We will not be doing an altar call today,” he said. “Instead…I will ask you to stand up and make an announcement, and after the announcement I will ask you to quietly leave the church and not to talk about the announcement here in the building.”

Miller then implored his parishioners to “keep coming to church, serving and giving because… I’m talking about a little break.”

“My break could be a few days, a few weeks – I don’t know,” Miller continued, his voice breaking. “Last night I received a call that my wife had passed away. Yes. It was self-inflicted and it was up in North Carolina and, um, we're going to have a funeral for her here next Sunday at 3 p.m.”

“They knew she wasn’t doing well mentally – and that she needed her medication, which was hard to get,” Miller said. “I’m sure there will be more details.”

Just look …

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As noted in John-Paul Miller's sermon and obituary, a “Celebration of Life” service for his late wife is scheduled for next Sunday (May 5, 2024) at Solid Rock Church.

This media outlet has prepared a barrage of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in hopes of obtaining information from law enforcement agencies tasked with investigating Miller's death. We are also examining accounts from several of Mica Miller's close friends about the circumstances of her unexpected death.

In particular, several videos were posted on social media in which Miller discussed a situation she faced in her personal life.

“I just want to let you know that I’m doing well,” Miller said in a video she posted to her Facebook page in mid-March. “Life has been pretty crazy over the last few weeks, months and years. I've kind of had to keep my circle really small these last few weeks just because I'm going through a lot and it's hard – and it's my suffering to carry.”

In another video where she discussed her “situation,” Miller talked about being the “Bride of Christ.”

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“A lot of people have been reminding me lately that I am God’s bride first,” she said. “And even an earthly spouse – who is a good spouse – imagines what an earthly spouse does when he knows his bride is being hurt. What do you think your heavenly spouse is doing? If you are the bride of Christ and he sees his bride being abused and hurt, what do you think he thinks about that?”

Miller encouraged her followers to share the video with anyone “who is having difficulty getting out of a dangerous situation because they believe God will be 'mad' with them.”

Anyone with information about this story is asked to contact our media…



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