Why do drivers in Portland, Maine refuse to obey laws?

I am a Portland Walker.

Well, more like a Portland commuter.

I park about 10 minutes from my office. What should be a nice, leisurely walk to the office is more like a real game of Frogger. And the blame lies specifically with drivers in this city.

A ridiculous number of drivers in Portland no longer recognize stop signs. It is an epidemic that needs to be discussed and eradicated.

My route to the office includes five zebra crossings. This includes the Middle Street corridor, which has three straight stop signs at the intersections of Exchange, Market and Pearl.

Google Maps, Paint 3D

Google Maps, Paint 3D

My track record for acknowledging a car that allowed me to drive is a whopping 100%. Not that I need to brag. It literally requires no effort. However, these efforts are not reciprocated. And honestly, if I wasn't careful, I would definitely be dead or seriously injured by now.

Drivers simply roll through or cruise right past these stop signs. This has now become almost everyday life. It's not like these stop signs are new. It's been years since they were installed. They are incredibly clear and visible. You'd have to be a Neanderthal to miss them. Just a pure dummy.

Sure, you might accidentally miss one (although very unlikely). But in most cases, drivers simply stroll through two or three of them, usually without a care in the world. I would find it more fascinating if my life wasn't put at risk every day.

As for the stop sign scooters, you know, the ones that act like they're stopping even though they're not? Well, they're just idiots. God forbid you wait 20 seconds while a walker safely crosses the street in front of you. Instead, you never stop your car, which intimidates a walker and gives you an excuse to just keep driving. Just pure class from the lowest forms of life in humanity.

I decided to write this today because I need to protect myself and my fellow brothers. The human body doesn't do well at bouncing off a fender.

I ask drivers to follow these steps.

1. Be attentive – That's pretty self-explanatory.

2. Obey traffic rules and the right of way – You should not have a driving license if this is a problem for you.

3. Stop means stop – It's really not difficult.

4. Don't hit walkers – Please don't.

5. Continue living your life – Have fun out there.

It's amazing how easy it is to be a civilized person.

We are a broken society. However, it can be fixed. It may not be easy…just kidding, it's super easy. Stop being idiots, obey the traffic rules and look out for each other.

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