Ensuring Storm Resilience: Climate Change Is Impacting Hawaii. Is your business prepared and protected?

Business owners in Hawaii are grappling with the impact that climate change and severe weather could have on future business operations. What proactive steps can organizations take to ensure resilient disaster recovery?
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Prepare your company for the impacts of climate change

  1. Conduct a risk assessment of real estate, including technical inspections and estimates. Annual inspections help identify potential problems and assessment deficiencies. An inspection can also help business owners proactively contain and correct maintenance issues and reduce damage from a disaster.
  2. Modernization and maintenance of facilities and equipment to consistently strengthen resilience to unpredictable climate changes. Hawaii is prone to hurricanes and strong winds. To ensure your business is better able to weather a storm, it's important to keep up with roof structure and plumbing maintenance (e.g., fixing leaks quickly). Additionally, consider the growing threat of wildfires and incorporate fire-resistant materials into the frame of your building where possible.
  3. Make sure The insurance coverage is current and adequately covers potential losses in the event of a disaster. Regardless of the risk level of your location, consider adding hurricane and flood insurance to your property insurance to protect yourself from losses caused by unpredictable climate events. Additionally, opt for business income insurance to protect against loss of income in the event of closures due to severe weather or other climate-related incidents.
  4. Protect your employees by implementing a phone tree or other contact system to notify them when your business is closed or is closing due to anticipated hazardous conditions. Such conditions may be due to impending weather events, wildfires or tsunamis.
  5. Communicate regularly with your insurance agent to ensure your insurance coverage meets your needs, addresses potential risks and fits your budget. With severe weather events on the rise, it is important to consider the benefits of insurance as part of your risk mitigation strategy.
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Photo: courtesy of Island Insurance

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