The Most Horrifying Places in Texas Revealed

Most people in Texas are brave and strong. But that doesn't mean we don't all have something that makes us a little nervous. For my wife they are spiders, she can't stand them. For me they are snakes, I don't want them slithering around me at all. But for some people, it's not about an insect, but rather a place that can make them feel unsafe or a little afraid. Let's discuss some of the scariest places in Texas.

Everyone will have different things that scare them, but when you hear several people in the same place having the same unsettled feelings, you start to wonder if something is going on there. Or if rumors or stories about places are repeatedly spread, these can cause people to be afraid of certain places.

Visit one of the scariest places in Texas

Listed below is just one place that I have visited myself, and while I'm not one to believe in haunted places, I was excited to visit to see if I felt any of those strange feelings, when I was in the building. It was fun to walk around the Driskill Hotel and see the old decor, but I can't say I was ever scared or felt like the building was haunted.

Let's take a look at the spooky places in Texas

Here's a look at the scariest sights in the state of Texas, according to Travel Texas. Be careful when visiting any or all of these places.

Yikes! Here are 8 of the most haunted places in Texas that you can actually visit

Gallery photo credit: Tara Holley

Here are 28 of the most mispronounced city names in Texas and how to pronounce them

Texas has a very diverse history with settlers from all over the world. Because of this, some town names were difficult to pronounce, even for native Texans.

Gallery image credit: Google Maps

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