Please send Idaho your message about global warming today

Dear Gaia, please send me something about global warming. I was a good boy. I didn't use your name for nothing during the January snowstorm. I don't drive a gas guzzler. I don't want to continue using my oven.

One of the guys here at the office posted a story a week ago about our warmer than average spring. Then, BINGO! Returned at the beginning of March. It snowed overnight in Pocatello. A Camas County friend had a teenage morning on Tuesday. He had to continue planting during the day. Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. More cold and rain is expected this weekend.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting a drier-than-average summer, particularly in eastern Idaho. Rainfall is expected to be slightly below average in summer. I try to avoid saying “normal”, it's a word used by TV meteorologists (tested by focus groups) but gives the wrong impression.

The last few springs looked very similar in May and June. Last year I stopped at an Oasis and a woman behind the counter told me she was new to Idaho. She asked if it was always so cold and rainy in June. We haven't seen much spring in recent years. Here in the south the drought is temporarily history. It's dry in the Panhandle, but this summer doesn't look like Death Valley Days, according to NOAA.

It's possible that some of the things we're seeing in so-called climate change are historical variations. We have bigger fish to fry when things get really hot.

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