New renderings for Super Nintendo World at Universal

Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of popular video games as SUPER NINTENDO WORLD prepares for its highly anticipated debut at Universal Orlando Resort in 2025. Nestled within the brand new Universal Epic Universe theme park, this vibrant land is one of five imaginative worlds waiting to be explored. “Developed through a partnership between Universal Creative and the visionaries at Nintendo, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD seamlessly combines iconic Nintendo characters with Universal’s expertise in creating innovative theme park experiences,” Universal officials said in a press release. Prepare for a multi-sensory journey where you can experience the thrill and adventure of Nintendo games in a whole new dimension.

Today, Universal Orlando reveals official details about the endless excitement that awaits visitors to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD in the Epic Universe. With exciting attractions, dining, shopping and interactive experiences inspired by the Super Mario franchise, and for the first time in the US, Donkey Kong Country, this is an adventure gamers won't want to miss.

a green pipe entrance to Super Nintendo Worlda green pipe entrance to Super Nintendo World
A huge green pipe portal leads guests into Super Nintendo World
a mushroom-shaped cafe in an amusement parka mushroom-shaped cafe in an amusement park
Toadstool Café will be the foodie attraction at Universal

Guests enter SUPER NINTENDO WORLD via a portal and enter a living realm reminiscent of their favorite Nintendo games. You'll encounter iconic landmarks like Mt. Beanpole and Peach's Castle, as well as well-known characters like Mario and Donkey Kong, and experience a captivating adventure.

Rides and attractions to look forward to:

  • Mario Kart Challenge: Enter Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge! Compete with Team Mario against Team Bowser for the Golden Cup in this groundbreaking ride. Using augmented reality and projection mapping, it brings the fun of Mario Kart to life like never before!
  • Yoshi's Adventure: Yoshi's Adventure debuts in the US on SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, Universal Epic Universe. This family-friendly ride offers breathtaking views of Super Mario Land as guests travel with Yoshis in search of glowing eggs and meet beloved characters along the way.
  • Fly Agaric Café: Toadstool Café serves delicious dishes inspired by the world of Super Mario. From Mario and Luigi-style burgers to super mushroom soup, piranha plant caprese and fireflower spaghetti and meatballs, there's something for every fan. Come and taste the magic!
Depiction of people on a fast go-kart rideDepiction of people on a fast go-kart ride
Mario Kart Bowser's Revenge will be a major attraction at Super Nintendo World

Step to the edge of Super Mario Land and find the entrance to Donkey Kong Country. Immerse yourself in lush tropical landscapes with towering trees, waterfalls and famous landmarks like the Golden Temple.

  • Mine cart madness: Ride Mine-Cart Madness: a family roller coaster where guests team up with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to protect the golden banana. Experience breathtaking maneuvers like barrel explosions and shaky tracks!
Aerial view of a large theme park with a golden templeAerial view of a large theme park with a golden temple
Donkey Kong Country will offer further exploration at Universal

The park will be filled with interactive components, character meet and greets, gift shops, snacks and more. Are you planning to visit the opening?

Nintendo characters pose with park visitorsNintendo characters pose with park visitors
Meet and greet with the iconic Nintendo character

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