Two FSU students will not attend graduation because of pro-Palestine demonstrations

  • The five people arrested at Florida State University have been banned from campus for one year.
  • They were arrested for pitching tents after campus police warned them that it was against campus policy.
  • Two of them are current FSU students, both of whom will be graduating during the ban — meaning they won't be able to walk during their ceremony.
  • Now listen as a student explains why the group continued setting up the tents on Tuesday.


For some pro-Palestinian students, graduation plans are up in the air.

I'm Alberto Camargo, your neighborhood reporter in College Town.

The five arrests at Florida State University on Tuesday were students who now face the possibility of not taking the stage.

I find out what led to their decisions and what happens next.

I checked with FSU officials – they say all five arrested will be banned from campus for a year.

This came after tents were set up on campus on Tuesday – which the group was told was against campus policy.

FSU also confirmed to me that two of the five are current students.

“If I had to take an additional class, I wouldn’t be able to attend that class in person, I won’t be able to attend a football game after I graduate.”

One of them is Elijah Ruby.

He's supposed to graduate in the summer, but Ruby says that because of the ban he's now missed a final exam and will probably fail.

In a statement on Tuesday, an FSU spokesman said: “Everyone arrested on Tuesday made a conscious decision to behave unlawfully. Tuesday’s arrests came after the individuals ignored multiple requests and warnings to comply with a lawful order.”

Ruby and the others were aware of the risk involved.

So I asked him, “If the group knew about the rule prohibiting tents on campus, what was behind the decision to put them up anyway?”

“In solidarity with the protesters brutalized at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida – and across the country, but especially in Florida.”

With the campus ban in effect, the group had to leave campus and move to Lake Elberta Park to determine where the group would go from here.

In a statement Tuesday, FSU said, “The University's rules and regulations were explained repeatedly over several days and the group complied with them as of Tuesday afternoon.”

The pro-Palestinian group still demands that the FSU disclose all investments and ties to Israel and secede.

In College Town, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.

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