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BOWMAN COUNTY – The Bulldogs defeated the Huskies at home on May 1 with a score of 86-23 for the boys and 112.17-27.83 for the women. Both teams earned some state qualifying scores during the meet, which served as preparation as the 2024 track and field season races toward its finale.

BCHS took the top three spots in the boys' 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter dash, with Bohden Duffield winning the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.83 and Nathan Dix with 11.92 finished and Roman Fossum rounded out the field, while Quin Andrews nearly made the field qualifying for state with a 13.17, Adyson Gerbig finished with a 13.29 and Charlee Blaser placed third. For the 200-meter dash, Andrews qualified for state with a best time of 26.79, and Adyson Gerbig took second place with a time of 27.13, while Sophia Headley placed third, while Dix had a boys best time of 23.88 was just outside of qualification, Bohden Duffield was second with 24.03, while Brayden Williams was third. In the 400-meter dash, Taylor Wanner qualified for state with a first-place performance of 51.19, Jonah Njos took second place with a 53.35, and Bishop Duffield finished with the bronze medal, while Jaci Fischer finished 1: 03.67 took first place and Sophie Olsonawski of HCHS took second place in 1:04.2 and Julie Sarsland placed in the top three for the Bulldogs in the same event.

Thomas Bowman of Bowman County took first place in the 800-meter run/sprint with a time of 2:09.28 and Matt Huether was second for the Huskies with a time of 2:10.08 while Gabe Sarsland of BCHS took third place. In the girls' 800-meter run, Fischer also secured first place with a time of 2:23.03, qualifying for the state championship, along with Olsonawski's 2:25.67, with Landyn Gerbig for BCHS in the top three landed.

In the 1600m run, the 'Dawgs took all three spots in the boys' division thanks to Gavin Lambourn's state qualifying run of 4:34.36, while Gabe Sarsland and Warner Bowman took second and third and Anna Sarsland in the girls and BCHS took first place at 5:50.44.

Kyle Brosz took first place in the 110m hurdles and Padyn Pauley took first place in the Bulldogs' rare 200m hurdles. Mark Fitterer of Hettinger County qualified for state with a best time of 46.07 in the 300 meters. In the girls hurdles, Sophia Headley took first place in the 100-meter dash for Bowman County with a time of 16.96 seconds. Emersyn Hlebechuk and Raegen Honeyman rounded out the top three, and Raegen's sister Jordyn Honeyman took first place along with Kallie Dinius and her teammate Meadow Olsonawski of Hettinger County took second and third place with a time of 53.67 seconds.

The Bowman 4x100m relay team consisting of Gabriel Burke, Cansas Duffield, Pauley and Paxton Jahner took first place with a performance of 49.79, while in the girls Livia Bowman, Addie Umbreit, Chloe Haar and Charlee Blaser won with a performance of 54.75. The girls BCHS team consisting of Blaser, Haydn Hlebechuk, Gretchyn Eagon and Marlie won the 4×200 m relay in 2:00.46 and Tallen Binstock teamed up with his Huskies colleagues in the boys' 4×400 m relay Eli Nasset, William Grist and Rowan Prescott teamed up to earn a first victory. Placed with female teammates Sophie Olsonawski, Kara Roll, Carly Wolf and Kallie Dinius, who won the women's event in 4:42.15.

Tallen Binstock won the javelin throw for HCHS with a jump of 145 feet 8 inches, with teammates Fitterer and Mike Greff finishing second and third, respectively, while Brosz won the high jump for the Bulldogs with a jump of 5 feet 6 inches and the Duffields achieved a 1:2 success in the long jump with values ​​of 21' and 20'8'', a crowning achievement, directly behind was Dix with 20'4''. The triple jump was also a Duffield affair, as Bohden took first place with an attempt of 41 feet 5 inches – just shy of the state qualifying mark of 41 feet 6 inches – and Bishop ended up with a jump of 40 feet 6 inches while Williams finished third.

In the girls field events, BCHS' Abigail Sonnabend took first place in the shot put with a mark of 33'4 inches, while teammates Fiona Holocek and Havyn Quintanilla rounded out the top three and Arianna Johnson won the discus for the 'Dawgs' with a 96. 3-Inch Throw and Abigail Sonnabend took second, with Samantha Greff of HCHS taking third.

Hettinger County also secured the top two spots in the javelin throw, with Greff taking top honors at 104'4″ and Alexia Shaible taking second, while Bowman's Reese Ridl took third.

The high jump was won by Addie Umbreit of BCHS, with Hadyn Hlebechuk taking second and Meadow Olsonawski of Hettinger County taking third – with scores of 4'6″, 4'4″ and 4', respectively – and Julie Sarsland won the blue prize. Loop for Bowman at 9 feet in the pole vault.

Sophia Headley qualified for state again with a 16'9'' mark, Adyson Gerbig also qualified with a 16'5.5'' mark and Addie Umbreit rounded out the top three, while Umbreit also qualified in the triple jump with a 33 The big winner was The Jump of '1' and Hettinger County's Jaycia Thomas finished second with a 31'5″ mark while Jordyn Honeyman finished the event in third place.

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