Montana Chef has its own national TV show and documentary

My wife and I were watching TV the other night when we came across a Montana show that caught our attention.

I should probably let you know that in our house it's mostly my wife who controls the remote so we watch a lot of things on channels like HGTV And The Food Network. We were on one of the channels on the Discovery Plus app when we saw a show called Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia, set in Bozeman, Montana.

The show stars Garcia, a chef who specializes in using local ingredients, including things found in the wild here in Montana.

Even more interesting than the show is Eduardo Garcia himself. Garcia moved to Montana in his youth and quickly fell in love with Montana's nature. He then attended culinary school and began his career as a chef on luxury yachts.

But a few years ago he experienced something that would change his career and his life forever.

Photo credit: Canva
Photo credit: Canva

Garcia was hunting in the woods when he was electrocuted. He would end up losing part of his left arm, ribs and muscle mass. He would need multiple surgeries and have to relearn how to cook.

The accident led to a documentary about Garcia released in 2017 “Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story”. You can watch the documentary here Youtube. We have the trailer below.

Despite the challenges, Garcia has maintained a positive attitude. He has his show on the Magnolia Network and his company “Montana Mex“, which specializes in sauces, spices and oils.

So if you're looking for a new show to binge, check out Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia, you won't be disappointed.

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