Plans for 23 new park projects in the city of Raleigh are taking shape

Raleigh is taking the next steps to spend millions of dollars to upgrade parks around the city.

The $275 million parks bond is the largest in the city's history and will cost the typical homeowner about $103 more per year in tax debt.

According to planners, construction of the playground should be completed early next year.

The city told WRAL News that Dix Park will be the first of the bond projects to be completed, but more new parks will open right behind it.

Construction is expected to begin first Erinsbrook Park this year. The $7 million project includes playgrounds, a dog park and walking trails.

Kyle Drive Park, a 25-acre park planned near the intersection of Louisburg Road (US Highway 401) and Valley Stream Drive, will include playgrounds, a basketball court, a food forest with edible landscaping and a boomerang-shaped boardwalk over the water.

Emma Liles, Capital Project Manager for Raleigh Parks, finalizing master plan for vacant land on Louisburg Road.

“It’s heavily forested – about 9 acres of the 25 acres are wetlands,” Liles said. “We also have a big focus on community farming at this site – so we’re thinking about edible landscaping and a food forest.”

Kyle Drive is one of three new parks the city is developing plans for as it moves forward with projects voters approved in the 2022 Parks Bond.

The bond also includes $11.5 million for Neuse River Park, which includes a greenway and walking trails, riverside recreation areas and a play area.

A master plan and construction are in progress for the 84-acre Neuse River Park near Falls Lake Dam Erinsbrook Keep parking Leesville Road construction is expected to begin this year.

The Sertom The Arts Center at Shelley Lake Park will also be renovated and expanded.

“Another focus for us is balancing new growth with improving existing facilities because we've heard clearly from the community that you need to take care of what you have,” said Shawsheen Baker, superintendent of Capital Projects at Raleigh Parks.

Baker said the city is rolling out the projects in batches to make progress on the largest parks bond in history.

“As we speak, the project teams are working very diligently to move the projects forward,” Baker said. “For me, parks are not just good for the environment. They are also good for individual mental and physical well-being, as well as social well-being.” [and] Environmental well-being.”

Residents can help plan the new parks. An online survey for Kyle Drive Park is open until Monday. Next month there will be several opportunities to tour the Neuse River site and exchange ideas for the future park.

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