CBS Executives Discuss Cancellations of So Help Me Todd, NCIS: Hawaii

There are no second chances So help me, Todd, CSI: Vegas And NCIS: Hawaii. But good news for CSI Fans: There is another iteration in active development.

Speaking to reporters Thursday about the fall season, CBS chiefs George Cheeks and Amy Reisenbach acknowledged that they were embarrassed by the wealth when it comes to new and returning shows, but added that it was “mandatory.” “To keep the schedule current and maintain momentum.”

“We had some difficult decisions this year,” admitted entertainment president Reisenbach. “Everything came back very strong. There is a coherent schedule, a flow.”

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“Every show is different,” CBS CEO Cheeks added when reminded how Clap. was canceled at the last minute. “We definitely had a wonderful experience with So help me, Todd. It was heartbreaking.”

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Reisenbach and Cheeks also ruled out any possibility of the three dramas enjoying a second life on Paramount+.

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Reisenbach promised more from the world CSIalthough.

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“I definitely believe the franchise is alive and we continue to discuss it,” she said. “It’s part of our heritage.”

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So help me, Todd And CSI: Vegas are the least-watched CBS drama series this spring in both linear and multiplatform ratings. At most current linear Nielsen viewership numbers (2/12 to date) CSI: Vegaswhich improved its broadcast time, ranks 21st among all non-sports broadcasts with 6.234 million viewers So help me, Todd in 22nd place with 6.224 million.

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The series finale of So help me, Todd will air on May 16th CSI: Vegas will say goodbye on May 19th.

The cancellation of NCIS: Hawaii wasn't surprising since it was already in the bubble. Still, an attempt was made to extend the drama's run at least for a shortened fourth and final season, with producers agreeing to a massive budget cut and other concessions to keep the drama running.

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The series finale of Hawaii will air on May 6th.

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