Maine State Police announce changes to your Nextdoor app

Maine State Police

It goes without saying that the Maine State Police, ideally like most local and state law enforcement agencies across the country, aim to serve and protect. And not only do they succeed and live by this credo, but they also do it well.

Even in situations where they have to be “the bad guy” and pull us over because we did something wrong while driving – speeding, running stop signs or red lights, swerving, etc. – most of the time they do it without belittling us.

(As was demonstrated in the summer of 2022 when I was pulled over by Maine State Trooper Ricci Cote, and while it's strange to say that about being pulled over and given a ticket, it was a pretty enjoyable experience? At least compared to what it could have been.)

Maine State Police / Photo by Jordan on Unsplash

Maine State Police / Photo by Jordan on Unsplash

Nextdoor app

Let's pin the Maine State Police discussion for a second and transfer it to the Nextdoor app, because if you're not familiar with it, it's almost like Facebook for certain neighborhoods, without the drama and bullying (at least). , based on what I experienced.)

In fact, the irony of my enjoyment of the app is that for a while, when I started getting random emails from the app, I was convinced that I actually thought it was Spam/Scam until I spoke to a colleague who is also a neighbor and they confirmed it was safe.

Best question I've ever asked him, because using Nextdoor is great for finding out about local events, finding out about missing pets or suspicious things in the neighborhood, and it's mostly used by neighbors, who offer something and/or ask questions to help.

Maine State Police via Facebook / Canva

Maine State Police via Facebook / Canva

Maine State Police Nextdoor app

If you live in Maine and scroll through your Nextdoor feed at all, you may have come across a post from the Maine State Police via public relations specialist Tyler Davis.

Starting today, Maine State Police will use Nextdoor's free government platform to work with you and your neighbors to build community, improve quality of life and keep you informed.

And while it may seem like it, the post made it clear that this isn't a “big brother is always watching” type scenario, but is really about the safety of your neighborhood.

Maine State Police via the Nextdoor app

Maine State Police via the Nextdoor app

Thank you in advance to the Maine State Police for finding another way to keep us safe, healthy and informed. The same applies to local departments.

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