Arizona Diamondbacks: Confidence poll in May

April results

I'm assuming these are technically late March results as the survey was brought forward a few days due to the early start of the season. It had been an interesting spring training that ended with the D-Backs having a 15-15 record in all games, although there were a few injuries that were a concern. On the other hand, it was one of the most unexpected signings in franchise history, with the team swooping in and blowing Jordan Montgomery away from all competition. This unexpected impulse, which increased the rotation (albeit with some waiting time), seemed to be the main reason for the excitement in the outcome among fans as they prepared to defend the NL pennant.

  • 1% – 1 (not the least bit confident)
  • 0% – 2
  • 1% – 3
  • 0% – 4
  • 2% – 5
  • 5% – 6
  • 24% – 7
  • 48% – 8
  • 19% – 9 (very, very, VERY confident)

Hardly anyone is in the bottom half, only 4% are below six. Almost half of all votes were in the eight category, up from 35% the previous month. The share in the top category also rose from 16% to 19%. All of this increased the overall grade from 7.30 7.69. That marks a new record for an opening day poll, breaking the previous high of 7.07 set in 2016. That's more than two points higher than the result at the same time last year, when confidence was 5.55 . It is also the third consecutive opening poll with an increase from 2021's record low of 2.67.

Below is the breakdown of results from the last 12 polls, followed by a line chart showing trends in this and previous seasons.

May survey

It was definitely a disappointing start to their title defense for the Diamondbacks. Saturday marked a losing record in April, and on Tuesday night they head into the monthly finale with the 24th-best record in the majors, exactly matching the Oakland A's record. However, it's fair to say it's not entirely Arizona's own fault: They currently have eight different pitchers on the injured list, including two of five from their “optimal” rotation plus the closer. The depth was tested with 35 different players in 30 games. It's safe to assume that confidence has fallen after a difficult first month. But to what extent and for what reasons?

That's what the survey would be for. As always, feel free to explain your choice in the comments, especially if it has changed from the previous one.

Opinion poll

How confident are you about the Diamondbacks?

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