ND ranked as state least likely to survive civil war?

Obviously this is purely a hypothesis. We certainly do not hope that North Dakota becomes embroiled in a civil war.

Additionally, the people of North Dakota largely share the same mindset as our own business philosophy. We're pretty laid back. We have the same relaxed lifestyle. What would we even find out?

Even though I knew this would probably never happen, I was curious and came across an article from 24/7 Wall Street. It read: States that could best survive a civil war. Naturally, I was curious to see where North Dakota ranked on this list. Before we get into that, let's look at a few other things.

Condition with the lowest probability of survival

You may be wondering how to calculate this information. The source stated that they examined several different variables, such as: B. the state's assets for independence, access to natural resources for trade and cultural identity.

With that, I will tell you which state is least likely to survive a civil war.

According to the source, Vermont is the state least likely to survive a civil war.

Their metrics also suggest that California is the most likely state to survive a civil war. The state would be successful because of its port on the Pacific Ocean, its international border with Mexico and because it is among the top 10 in agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

North Dakota

Unfortunately, North Dakota doesn't fare particularly well on this list; We come in 41st place and are therefore very close to last place.

The source says our state is very landlocked, sparsely populated and we have an international border with Canada and nuclear power plants. It is said that these things will not work in our favor.

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