What to do if you spot a California license plate in Idaho?

If you haven't noticed, may you enjoy continuing to live in naivety. California license plates are everywhere in Idaho. Go to work? Californian plate. A quick trip to the store? Californian plate. The person who moved in across from you? Californian plate.

But what do you want? Do when you see a California license plate in Idaho? We'll tell you.

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AI designed Idaho's new license plate

Should we trust artificial intelligence to develop the next license plate that will be placed on pretty much every vehicle in the state? Let's see what came of it.

Gallery photo credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

You see a vehicle with a California license plate on the back, but you are in Idaho. What are you doing?

According to ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, here are the proper actions you should take if you witness a California license plate in the Gem State:

The correct response is simply to continue with your day as usual. Seeing a vehicle with a California license plate driving in Idaho is not an unusual occurrence and does not require any special response. It is important to remember that people travel for different reasons and a different license plate does not necessarily say anything about the person or their intentions. It is best to treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of where they come from.

And there we have it. You don't have to honk or yell out the window or flip the bird at another vehicle just because it has a California license plate.

Unless, of course, they listen to Nickelback. Then all bets are void.

Don't believe the hate on Cali plates? Just look at this story:

Car drives into Kuna Verizon store with California license plate and gets hate

Gallery photo credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media

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