Billings man admits to attempted sex trafficking

From the United States Department of Justice for the District of Montana:

A Billings man admitted to felony sex trafficking today after he was accused of offering an underage girl alcohol in exchange for sex.

Joshua Allen Morgan, 40, of Billings, pleaded guilty to attempted sex trafficking of a minor. Morgan faces a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and five years to life of supervised release.

As part of a plea agreement, the parties agree that a prison sentence of at least 15 years is appropriate.

A sentencing date has not yet been set, and the court will determine the sentence taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other legal factors. Morgan was detained pending further proceedings.

According to the court

In March 2023, after Morgan was arrested on unrelated charges, law enforcement served a search warrant for his phone. Law enforcement found Facebook communications between Morgan and a teenage girl identified as Jane Doe.

In an interview with law enforcement, Jane Doe revealed that she met Morgan when she was 15 or 16 years old after he began sending her messages on Facebook. Morgan provided Doe with alcohol and they spent time together.

During this time, Morgan sexually assaulted Doe in his apartment. In March 2024, Morgan and Doe began corresponding again and it was discussed that Morgan was providing alcohol to Doe in return for sexual behavior.

Doe told Morgan that she was a minor and Morgan instructed her not to reveal their relationship to anyone. Although Doe and Morgan met, Doe left her before engaging in sexual activity with Morgan.

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